Stem Cell Therapy Near Shrewsbury Township, Pennsylvania

If you have ever met someone that complains of chronic pain, you may wonder why they have not undergone corrective surgery. Once people learn that surgeries for shoulder or knee pain have such a low success rate, it doesn’t seem worth the risk. Pain medication has been the only choice that works, and it is not without side effects, especially when taken long-term. Sufferers would be able to enjoy a life that is free from pain if there was an easy way to fix the problem.

The solution of stem cell therapy offered by our doctors is a successful, non-surgical procedure that repairs injuries and cures arthritis. With such a simple process that is completed in only a day, you can get back to normal life without rehabilitation or an inconvenient recovery.

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, PennsylvaniaPatients that would be eligible for corrective surgery to potentially fix an improperly healed shoulder injury become uninterested upon learning of the low rate of success. You should never have to deal with pain or feel forced to take it easy to avoid further aggravation to the area. The body has the ability to heal itself adequately when provided with activated stem cells through our unique treatment option.

Below are a few shoulder conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Rotator Cuff Tears

AC Joint Separation

Arthritis of the shoulder joint

Labral tears / degeneration

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations

Mild to moderate osteoarthritis

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Stem Cell Therapy Knee Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy Knee Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, PennsylvaniaOsteoarthritis in the knee area can become troublesome the longer you go without treatment because the cartilage will continue to wear away and decrease the padding you need to move comfortably. The best way to handle this and any other on-going painful condition causing difficulty walking, climbing, or bending is to find a permanent cure. Effective blood platelet treatments do not carry the same complications as surgery, but the benefit provides regeneration to the worn area.

Below are a few Knee conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

MCL, ACL, PCL, or LCL sprain or tear

Knee instability

Hamstrings Tendinopathy

Cartilage Damage

Patellar Tendonitis

Meniscus Tear

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Stem Cell Therapy Hip Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy Hip Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, PennsylvaniaOlder people tend to notice certain aches and pains in their joints that continue to progress into full-blown pain. A deteriorating hip joint is one of the toughest areas to deal with because it is used so frequently when standing up, sitting down, and getting around. If you cannot afford to spend months resting after a complex replacement surgery, the non-surgical stem cell injections will help you get better by using your own body as a resource.

Below are a few hip conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Avascular Necrosis





Labral / labrum tear

Stem Cell Therapy Wrist Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy Wrist Pain Near Shrewsbury Township, PennsylvaniaCausing an injury or excessive wear to the wrist area is much easier than the proposed treatment to cure the pain. Rather than struggle with the decision to undergo surgery or endure the consequences of ignoring the issue, choose stem cell treatment as a more effective and safe solution.

Below are a few wrist conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:



Carpal Tunnel

Trigger Finger


We are available to take your call when you are ready to put an end to the pain with the help of our unique stem cell treatment.