Stem Cell Therapy in Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania

Anyone that is in a constant state of pain due to an injury or the onset of a joint condition will seek ways of alleviating it. Unfortunately, most treatments require invasive surgery that will entail weeks of recovery and rehabilitation, without the assurance that a successful outcome. If there was an option that provided great results without all of the complications, people could feel confident when receiving treatment.

Specialized stem cell therapy is the solution that helps patients achieve the relief they need in a non-surgical treatment. In only one day, the stem cells are harvested from the body and injected into the treatment area to begin a gentle process of natural regeneration.

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain near Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain near Chanceford Township, PennsylvaniaShoulder injuries that are not treated and healed properly can cause permanent complications that include nagging pain. The surgical option to repair the issues is so low that most people are more willing to live with the discomfort. If you want to avoid a lifetime of pain medications and receive a treatment that actually provides results, our non-surgical stem cell treatment is the opportunity to get the relief you need.

Below are a few shoulder conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Rotator Cuff Tears

AC Joint Separation

Arthritis of the shoulder joint

Labral tears / degeneration

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations

Mild to moderate osteoarthritis

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Chanceford Township, PennsylvaniaThe knees are an area of the body that takes on a lot of natural wear through physical activities, even if knee complications take years to become noticeable. It’s easy to overwork yourself and end up with torn cartilage or an injured ligament that will not heal without professional treatment. Rather than lose months of work resting your knee and going through rehabilitation after corrective surgery, our doctors offer blood platelet treatments as an alternative.

Below are a few Knee conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

MCL, ACL, PCL, or LCL sprain or tear

Knee instability

Hamstrings Tendinopathy

Cartilage Damage

Patellar Tendonitis

Meniscus Tear

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy For Hip Pain Near East Prospect, PennsylvaniaIt’s impossible to avoid the use of your hips simple to alleviate the lingering symptoms of an injury. A small fracture, damage or wear to the cartilage, and rheumatoid arthritis are just a few hip conditions that respond well to stem cell treatment.

Below are a few hip conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

Avascular Necrosis





Labral / labrum tear

Stem Cell Therapy for Wrist Pain Chanceford Township, Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Wrist Pain Chanceford Township, PennsylvaniaYou may notice that there is very little muscle or fat cushioning the delicate area of the wrist, especially if you are suffering from wrist pain. The strain of constantly using your hands for work, hobbies, or your daily routine can lead to severe pain. Stem cell therapy is a smart option that promotes healing without the inconvenience of undergoing invasive surgery.

Below are a few wrist conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:



Carpal Tunnel

Trigger Finger


You do not deserve to choose between enduring constant pain or taking prescription medications for the rest of your life. If you provide your information through our contact form, we will determine if you are an eligible candidate to receive a treatment that cures your condition permanently.