Why Choose Us for Stem Cell Therapy?

Read below to find out why you should choose the Stem Cell Professionals to perform your non-invasive, non-surgical stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Professionals is an American company in York, PA who employs licensed American educated medical providers and employs a board-certified medical director.

Stem Cell Professionals specializes in stem cell therapy for non-surgical treatment of orthopedic conditions, such as arthritis and other degenerative conditions. High-resolution digital x-rays are utilized to determine the site of damage prior to treatment. Then high-resolution diagnostic ultrasound imaging is used to precisely inject the amniotic stem cells into the damaged area.

Studies indicate that amniotic stem cells are the most effective type of stem cells at repairing degenerative damage in synovial joints and tendons. At the Stem Cell Professional Center, we only recommend stem cell treatments once our medical staff determines you are a good candidate.

We limit our scope of treatments to degenerative joints and tendons according to the latest research indications. We not only care about you as a patient, we take pride in treating you as a friend. Give us a call for a Free Consultation.

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