Stem Cell Therapy In Aberdeen Maryland

In life we are often thrown curve balls that make it impossible for us to continue living the way we have. One of the most common obstructions to leading a full life is shoulder damage or injury. Many people from Aberdeen Maryland have to opt for invasive surgery in order to reconstruct the entire shoulder and the patient is often left in pain that can last for months. However, we have discovered that this type of discomfort is not the only solution to getting your shoulder back on track as stem cell therapy in Aberdeen, Maryland, has taken flight.

Here at the Stem Cell Professionals medical clinic, which is a short drive from Aberdeen, Maryland, we ensure that our clients fight a battle that they know they can win without us having to replace any of the bone structure in their shoulders and other joints. We offer our rehabilitative stem cell services to people who have undergone severe sports injuries, who have orthopedic conditions such as knee pain, arthritis or damaged joints, and so much more. We have a wide team of specialists that have been fully trained to understand the process of stem cell therapy and to comprehensively explain it to every single one of our clients.

Is Stem Cell Therapy in Aberdeen Maryland Ethical?

Stem cell therapy is a very safe procedure in which we harvest stem cells from women who have just had C-section births. No one is harmed during the harvesting of these stem cells – not the mother, not the baby, and definitely not our patients. Once we have the amount of stem cells we need, we inject it into the patient in the area where he or she is experiencing pain or discomfort, in this case the shoulder. As soon as the stem cells have been placed in the body, it immediately starts bonding with the joint in the shoulder to replace the cells that have been damaged previously.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Aberdeen Maryland with Stem Cell Therapy

The whole point of stem cell therapy is to provide a safe and non-invasive way of helping people who suffer from this type of pain every day. The reason why we use stem cells from the mothers who have just undergone C-section surgery is because they have a high concentration of amniotic cells which allows us to only use this type of cell exclusively. We do not use the patient’s stem cells at all which is why our patients benefit from this procedure so successfully and without ANY invasiveness.

Stem cell therapy near Aberdeen Maryland is also more affordable when it comes to treating the shoulder or other joint as it is determined by the amount of injections you receive. It is also more successful than surgery because it allows you to regain that whole-body movement you have lost. You will be able to enjoy your previous range of motion abilities as soon as you are on the mend. We overstep the boundaries with this type of therapy and we also bridge the gaps between the actual process and the possible complications that go along with surgery.