Stem Cell Therapy in Progress, PA

Progress, PA is a small town in Dauphin County, Pa. Even though there are only 10,000 people in progress there is a big problem. Almost 3,000 people are suffering from some sort of joint pain.

Some people are suffering from arthritis; some people are suffering from injuries that haven’t healed properly. Some people are even in pain because their job requires them to overuse their joints.

These are problems we hear about every single day. The bigger problem is that many people are uneducated on their treatment options. People are led to believe that they either need surgery to alleviate the pain or prescription drugs.

Surgery is not as effective as what you are led to believe. In many cases, people feel worse after getting surgery. Not to mention if you’re opting for surgery in your 50s then you’ll most likely need surgery again in your lifetime.

Prescription drugs, on the other hand, are known to be addictive. Also, the only objective of a painkiller is to alleviate the pain, not treat the problem.

Stem Cell Professionals

Stem cell therapy is a newer way to treat the source of the joint pain. A simple injection of stem cells into the affected area rebuilds cartilage, heals tissue and tendons and even speeds up the recovery process of surgery.

Let’s look at some of the conditions we commonly treat with stem cell therapy  

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Near Progress, PA

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Near Progress, PAIf you’ve landed on this page it’s most likely because you’re tired of suffering from knee pain. You’re most likely looking for an alternative to surgery.

Stem cells can be introduced to your affected knee and over time the cartilage and damaged tissue can be regrown. The regeneration of tissue means less pain, more range of motion and decreased inflammation.

Some of the common knee pain symptoms we treat include:

  • Arthritis of the knee
  • Strain or Tear to the LCL
  • Strain or Tear to the PCL
  • Strain or Tear to the MCL
  • Instability of the Knee
  • Damage to the Cartilage 

Stem Cell Therapy for Low Back Pain Near Progress, PA

Stem Cell Therapy for Low Back Pain Near Progress, PAThere’s also a good chance that you’re reading this because you’re experiencing back pain. Research shows that almost 50% of people who visit a doctor are there because of low back pain.

Your back is made up of small discs and tendons. These relatively small parts are responsible for holding up a large amount of bodyweight. Years of stress on these joints and being overweight have put you on a fast track to low back pain.

Surgery doesn’t sound like fun and medication is just a Band-Aid over the problem.

Stem cell therapy may be able to relieve your pain without surgery.

Some of the common lower back pain symptoms we treat include:

  • Arthritis
  • Mild Osteoarthritis
  • Cartilage Degeneration
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerating Disc

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain Near Progress, PA

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain Near Progress, PAJust because your hip is a large, weight bearing, joint does not mean that it’s not susceptible to wear and tear. Many people in Camp Hill are suffering from hip pain.

While elderly people are the most commonly affected, injury and overuse can cause hip pain in all ages.

Walking, standing for long periods of time, injury and obesity are all common reasons why you may be experiencing pain.

Surgery for the hip is a large undertaking, which requires months of recovery time. You want options that allow you to get back to your life as quickly as possible with the greatest opportunity for pain relief.

Some of the common conditions we treat with stem cell therapy include:

  • Avascular Necrosis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Tendinopathy
  • Labral / labrum tear

We have helped dozens of people in South Central Pa overcome debilitating pain from arthritis and injury.