Stem Cell Therapy – Neck Pain for Amish

Neck pain for Amish is all too common! Our Neck is responsible for carrying our heavy heads around all day long, but it also takes a lot of strain as we lean over workbenches and books. Not to mention those of us with poor posture!

As if neck pain isn’t bad enough it can also start to have an impact on other parts of the body- it can lead to headaches as well as backaches. It can radiate down your arm.

There are many causes and just a few of them are: cervical osteoarthritis, cervical spinal stenosis, herniated discs, whiplash or a stiff neck after a bad sleep. Some of these pains will fade away, and some will turn into chronic pains in the bum. It’s possible that you’ve been to the doctor and been told one thing and it has been clear that it was something entirely different. “It’s bursitis” but bursitis is temporary and you’re six months down the line and still suffering from severe pain.

Stem Cell Therapy Treats Neck Pain for Amish

One thing is sure, living with chronic pain is inconvenient and it’s not a position that anyone wants to be in. You’ve been through the painkillers and the anti-inflammatories and you’ve gone through all of the exercises recommended by physiotherapists and you’re not getting any relief. There’s a good chance that you’re suffering from degeneration of the joints and there is something that you can do to help yourself. Stem cell therapy is ideal for regenerating the affected areas and will see you regain your mobility, as well as decreasing the levels of pain that you’ve been suffering.

In previous years you would need to spend thousands to leave the country to get stem cell therapy, and you’d need to spend even more on the therapy itself. Now stem cell therapy treats neck for Amish and it’s just around the corner in York, PA.

Stem Cell Professionals use stem cells from amniotic fluid that has been donated by mother’s who have had C-Sections. Unlike other clinics that harvest the stem cells from the patient by drawing them from the bone marrow by needle, there is no extra discomfort for you.

We simply aim the stem cell injection at the problem area and deliver a concentrated dose to aid your healing.

There is no huge recovery time like there is with invasive surgeries and you’re not going to have to go through months of physiotherapy before you can get back to work either. Fixing your neck pain doesn’t mean losing out on working time and money.