Stem Cell Therapy for Lancaster Amish

There are plenty of stories about how the Amish shun technology and medical advancements, but what is the truth?

There is nothing to dictate the use of modern medicine in Amish doctrine, it tends to come down to each individual family within a community. Which means that stem cell therapy for Amish in Lancaster, PA is a real possibility.

Stem Cell Therapy for Amish

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to around 18,000 Amish people and the thing they are best known for is community. When medical issues knock at their door they do tend to use homeopathy, but when serious illnesses darken their door the community bands together to pay medical bills.

The Amish are hard-working, physical people and while not all the Amish are farmers, there are still plenty of physical jobs that need to be completed. That can be hard wearing on the body and it isn’t a case of giving up or getting on with it. To play an effective part of the community everyone wants to pull their own weight to contribute.

While the Amish farmers don’t use the same level of technology as other farmers, there is a lot of things they do use which most of us don’t think of as technology, but makes their work a bit simpler. There are also a lot of Amish owned stores throughout communities and are generally family run. The majority of these stores produce wood products like furniture, there are also greenhouses, quilting stores and bakeries.

There are also Amish construction crews that travel and construct buildings for the non-Amish, or the English as they refer to us as. There are plenty of Amish men that are employed by English-owned factories.

Lancaster is in the Top 14 states of those with arthritis issues in the US which means that 1 in 4 people will be affected by it. 25-36% of women in Pennsylvania, and 22% of men, are afflicted meanwhile 7% (that is 1 in 14) are limited in their ability to work.

That’s a lot of people that are suffering from arthritis and not even considering others that are dealing with the general wear and tear on their joints.

Stem cell therapy for Amish in Lancaster, PA is a potentially life changing service to undertake. The Stem Cell Professionals make use of stem cells that are taken from the amniotic fluids which were donated by women who have undergone C Sections. Unlike other traditional therapies that put the patient through an invasive procedure to harvest their own stem cells, this is the least invasive, and easiest method available as well as also being the cheapest. There is no need for a painful needle drawing stem cells from your bone marrow, which means you have a quicker recovery time, too.