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Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

It’s the question that everyone wants to know. We’ve all heard about stem cell therapy by now and we’ve all heard mixed reviews. After all, since stem cell treatments came available in the recent years it seems like some clinics will try to treat everything with stem...

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Healing A Racing Legend

Anthony Joseph also known as A.J Foyt, Jr is one of the best auto racing drivers of our times. He’s a professional in numerous genres of racing which include: Unites States Automobile Club Champ Cars Midget Cars Stock cars in NASCAR and USAC A.J. Also managed to win...

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Treating Knee Pain in 15 Minutes

Cortisone injections, over the counter painkillers, and prescriptions have been go-to for people suffering from knee pain. However, Dr. Frank thinks there’s a better way. This blog post highlights a news article by the Herald News. The news article features a director...

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Restoring Movement for A Paralyzed Young Man

In the word of stem cells, there is a lot of debate. Are stem cells ethical? Do stem cells live up to the hype? Are there religious reasons not to use stem cells? If you ask athletes like Peyton Manning they’ll tell you that stem cells are a miracle. This blog post...

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Linda’s Stem Cell Recovery

There’s a new form of therapy for people who are suffering from debilitating pain in their knees. Learn in this blog how stem cell therapy is the answer many people are looking for. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of Arthritis in the USA, which affects around...

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Stem Cells Therapy: Amelia’s Testimonial

We always focus on the fact that stem cells are a great way to stay in the game if you’re an athlete. We feature NFL players, like Peyton Manning.Players of this prestige can’t afford to take a season off because of an injury. Players like Peyton need to stay in the...

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This blog article focuses on the video clip (above) that talks about the amazing abilities of stem cells. You’ve probably heard us talk about stem cell therapy. Maybe you’ve seen us on the news and heard that we’re helping people walk again. These are people who were...

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Wall Street Journal Featuring Stem Cell Therapy

In August of 2016, the Wall Street Journal hosted a short video featuring two people with perspectives regarding stem cell therapy. There are many uses for stem cells. However, stem cell therapy in this conversation is discussed as a treatment for patients with...

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Stem Cell Therapy to Clinical Trials for Knees

You would never spend money on a car until you knew it started and ran without problems. Similarly, you wouldn’t take over the counter medicine if you were told it has never been tested on humans. Some purchases in life require testing and proof before you make a...

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Stem Cell Therapy Success Rate for Arthritis

When it comes to making any sort of medical decision people only want to focus on the hard facts. People aren’t as convinced to try a new medical procedure or drug, just because they saw an impressive commercial on television. People want to look at the numbers such...

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