There’s a new form of therapy for people who are suffering from debilitating pain in their knees. Learn in this blog how stem cell therapy is the answer many people are looking for.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of Arthritis in the USA, which affects around 30 millions Americans. That’s one in 10!

Until recently, osteoarthritis has been a disease that’s considered incurable. They believed that once the tissues and joints wear away there is nothing you can do to get them back. This means that surgery was the only option until recently.

Now doctors are beginning to tap into the potential of stem cells to be able to repair and regrow the worn joints without surgery. In the past, stem cells have been used to successfully regrow skin for burn victims and even treat some difficult eye conditions. However, stem cells are now being viewed as a way to treat osteoarthritis and other painful joint conditions.

Linda Schwartz Stem Cell Recovery

As a professional photographer, Linda Schwartz is completely used to walking up and down ladders and up and down stairs. It’s part of the job. Photographers move all day every day. They bend, lift, push, pull and walk up ladders.

The problem is that the osteoarthritis in both of her knees was putting this 65-year-old woman in pain and making her job more difficult than it had to be.

Linda was like many people who tried everything like cortisone, over the counter medications, physical therapy and more. Her doctors describe osteoarthritis like rubber on a tire. Once you wear away the rubber on the car you have the rim on the road. Your knee joints are very similar. Once you wear away the cartilage in your joint you have bone rubbing on bone, which is what causes arthritis and pain.

Linda’s doctor put her on a stem cell trial to inject amniotic fluid into her problematic knee joint. The stem cells come from healthy mothers during a C-section birth and no one is harmed to obtain the cells.

The amniotic stem cells have multiple uses. First of all the stem cells are a natural anti-inflammatory meaning they help with swelling in the joint. Second, stem cells have growth factors, which means the cells will regrow the tissues in the joint to also relieve pain and reduce signs of arthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy Results

Stem cell therapy has been BY FAR the most effective treatment that Linda has tried. There are no side effects, unlike cortisone shots. She is now walking up and down her steps without pain and the relief has lasted now for over a year.

Linda says that the treatment was a very gradual process. One week she would notice some pain relief. The next week she would notice even more pain relief. Eventually, Linda got to the point where she says, “wow, it’s really pretty good!”

This treatment is a miracle for many people like Linda who otherwise would have opted for surgery. Knee surgery can mean up to a year of recovery, months out of work and a lifetime of limited mobility.

Thankfully, stem cell therapists, like the Stem Cell Professionals in York are offering these outpatient procedures to allow you to live your life normally as you heal your joints and reduce pain!


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