In August of 2016, the Wall Street Journal hosted a short video featuring two people with perspectives regarding stem cell therapy.

There are many uses for stem cells. However, stem cell therapy in this conversation is discussed as a treatment for patients with painful conditions, such as arthritis.

Once again, the debate came from the fact that the Food and Drug Administration still have not approved stem cell therapy. The problem is that this process may not be approved yet, but there have been many studies showing that stem cells have been extremely beneficial for patients. Many stem cell therapy patients are living lives they once couldn’t, thanks to the help of stem cell therapy.

The video clip (Above) hosts Melinda Beck, the Wall Street Journal’s Sr. Health and Science Editor and Michael Werner from the Alliance for regenerative Medicine.

Melissa and Michael’s Findings

Melissa Findings, as an editor for the Wall Street Journal, show that the 600 clinics that are across the US are now taking the position that they don’t need the approval from the FDA. We mentioned this before in our blog, but stem cells are not a drug.

Stem cells exist in everyone. A stem cell therapy clinic is not putting a new drug on the shelves of CVS. This makes the laws for stem cell therapy very murky. In fact, Melissa describes how the science and demand for stem cell therapy are moving at a MUCH faster rate than what the regulators from the FDA can keep up with.

Michael Werner’s, who was the former Biotechnology Industry Organization Chief of Policy, comes from a perspective that stem cells are greatly beneficial. He talks about how stem cells have been shown to treat musculoskeletal conditions and diseases not just in a lab, but also in clinical trials.

These trials are showing that stem cells absolutely have the ability to address many unmet medical needs. This means that diseases, where we could only manage the symptoms, may soon be cured with stem cells.

Michael believes that the potential for these treatments to lead to a paradigm shift in medical care in the United States is not just theory anymore, but VERY real.

Stem Cell Therapy Availability

Michael believes that patients should have the ability to move forward with stem cell therapy or any treatment that is allowed by law. However, he mentions that there are currently hundreds of clinical studies taking place for stem cell therapy as we speak.

In the days ahead we’ll see that the clinical studies, like that of the Mayo Clinic, are supporting stem cell therapy and regenerative treatments. These studies will help solidify the claims of the 600 stem cell clinics across the country and will allow us to offer a treatment that is considered “proven”.

Until that time, the Stem Cell Professionals will keep treating patients like former Steeler’s player Jon Witman and dozens of other local patients who are now able to walk, move and live their lives pain-free.