The Stem Cell Professionals were recently featured on FOX 43!

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As you know there are new innovations and developments in science on a daily basis. And today, one of the most discussed and argued ways to make developments has been the research and use of stem cells.

However, the Stem Cell Professionals, a medical center in York County, is using stem cells donated from the amniotic sacs in healthy Cesarean childbirths, to help their patients. The cells are helping heal injuries and can often delay and in some cases even prevent the need for some surgeries, included knee and hip replacements.

Stem Cell Professionals all began when Dr. Kevin Owens, founder of Stem Cell Professionals, researched Stem Cell Therapy for his arthritic knee. Dr. Owens has been a chiropractor in the York, Pa area, however; he was suffering debilitating knee pain in his left knee.

After a lot of research, with the help of Dr. Susan Arnoult, MD, Dr. Owens realized that stem cells could be a great way to treat his arthritic knee while avoiding knee surgery.

A few months after his medical director injected stem cells into his knee, he was able to run and play tennis again without extreme knee pain! He knew this is something he had to share with other people, so Stem Cell Professionals was started!

Where do Stem Cells Come From?

There are a number of places where stem cells can come from. However, at our facility, we only use donated stem cells that have been obtained from amniotic fluid during a scheduled C-section. Keep in mind that the mother and the baby are not affected at all while obtaining the stem cells!

The stem cell professionals treat musculoskeletal conditions such as knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, and shoulder pain. Spinal conditions are much more complex and require extensive examination to determine if stem cell therapy would be a viable option. These painful conditions are typically brought on by arthritis and sports injuries in previous years. The benefit of stem cell therapy is that you can now treat the same conditions that were typically only treated with surgery. If you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, you can receive treatment and be back to your normal routine in one day, compare that to months of recovery after knee surgery.

What’s expected at the Stem Cell Professionals?

In the news clip, we give you a brief intro of what to expect at the stem cell professionals.

First, you come in and we determine if you qualify for stem cell therapy. We take x-rays to determine if you have enough cartilage in the joint. Why? Stem cells help re

Air and can even rebuild tissue. However, the cells need to come into contact with enough cells before they can transform and multiply into that tissue, which rebuilds the joint and relieves your pain. If you have an extreme bone-on-bone condition then you may not qualify for stem cell therapy.

Once it is determined you are a viable candidate, the joint is then treated with ultrasound therapy to increase blood flow to the area. Afterward, the site is disinfected, and over a million stem cells are precisely injected into the damaged area utilizing diagnostic ultrasound. Finally, cold laser therapy is performed to stimulate the newly injected stem cells, and you can walk out of the office in less than one hour. You can resume normal activity almost immediately!