This blog features an Australian news segment that talks about the Australian perspective of Stem Cell Therapy. 

If you have serious knee pain, it is essential to be aware of all your treatment choices before considering surgery. A new method to heal structures of your knee uses stem cells. The news segment says that stem cell is the blank slate of a cell, they could become other cells in the body.

Stem cells might be able to cure a range of conditions because of their versatility, which includes degenerative disc illness, ligament damage, facet joint syndrome and vertebral fracture. Research is underway to know the efficiency of this therapy in treating diverse types of knee pain causes.

The Procedure

At our facility, we use stem cells, which are harvested from a mother during a C-section birth. All of the cells are donated and they are referred to as amniotic stem cells.

However, this news article focuses on a patient’s own stem cells. This might be painful depending on the method used. The doctor uses a small needle in order to take a sample from the hip marrow and claims that this is an almost painless procedure.

After the cells have been secluded from the bone marrow, generally they are combined with platelets from the blood that obtain growth factors. The platelets make the process faster so the practitioner combines the platelet mixture and cell with platelet rich plasma or another substance to push the speedy reproduction of the stem cells. The cells are injected into the part of the body that requires repair. Once injected into your joint, it may form cartilage.

The news segment also discusses that stem cells are utilized to perform spinal fusion surgery. A damaged disc is eliminated and the mixture of cells is injected between two vertebrae to grow into bone and fuse them. Not like our injection procedure, this surgical procedure is invasive. As of now this therapy is new and now available. However, It is just provided to people participating in clinical trials or by certain companies.

The exact cost of this procedure isn’t available and likely depends on your condition, location, as well as the procedure that was chosen to cure it. Non-surgical methods such as the injection of stem cells are likely to be much more reasonable than common surgeries such as spinal fusion or knee replacement surgery.

At this point in time, this kind of treatment is widely accessible to people with knee pain. However, it is best to undergo accessible typical or conservative cures like decompression and physical therapy first.

Today you might see the procedure become ordinary for those looking to avoid surgery. New advances in knee pain treatment provide hope to people who feel they have already tried all of their options. There are many choices for decreasing your knee pain, and stem cell therapy might be the best treatment available.

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