Mycal Anders is the Head Coach and owner of CrossFit PHX. CrossFit PHX is a large CrossFit Gym located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At this facility, the leaders are the coaches who are highly educated, experienced and passionate about what they do.

Mycal is a leader and head coach and he’s not unfamiliar with hard work, sweat equity, and of course joint pains.

We’ve mentioned plenty of time before about how CrossFit puts tremendous amounts of pressure on your joints. Lifting heavy tires, squat to full depth and deadlifting are all ways that you can put your knees and joints on the fast track to arthritis.

Mycal’s journey of sports injuries starts with blowing out his ACL in 2004. That same year he had another blowout of his ACL in that same knee. He’s torn his LCL while playing football. He has two AC separations in each shoulder. Mycal also found out that while he was in the Marines that he has a degenerative condition that has led him to have a “dehydrated disc” in his lower back.

Mycal says, “I’m so broken, you know, top to bottom, that without fitness I would be a debilitated mess. My conditions are so chronic at this point that to not workout, not move around, not lift, not maintain the structural integrity of my body without fitness… I’d be a shell of myself.”

Last Attempt for Relief

Mycal heard great things about stem cell therapy in the CrossFit community. Apparently, there are many athletes out there, like Mycal, who are in constant pain from an athletic lifestyle.

Mycal was attracted to the recovery time and because of the lifestyle that he leads. It’s great that seven days after the treatment you can go back to working out with full intensity.

Stem Cell Therapy was a last ditch effort for him. He didn’t want to go under the knife…again

After Stem Cells

After the treatment, Mycal is now able to squat full depth. Squatting requires a full range of motion of your knees and other joints. Since the stem cell treatment, Mycal is able to get a full range of motion and also get a full range of motion without pain.

Mycal mentions that there is significantly less pain during the workouts and far less pain during recovery periods.

Mycal mentions, “There would be nights when I couldn’t sleep all the way through because my knee would be throbbing from a previous workout. So the biggest differences now are a fuller range of motion and a lack of pain in that range of motion. It’s a simple procedure. You’re in and out of the office in the same day.”

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to treat your arthritis then you should contact the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA at 717-881-2343. We’ve treated elderly patients looking for an alternative to surgery, younger athletes like Mycal, trying to overcome a sports injury and everyone in between.

We have a track record of treating patients who are experiencing a range of orthopedic issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.