Some people just seem invincible and Dave Palumbo is no exception.

Dave Palumbo is a retired American Bodybuilder. According to Wikipedia, he competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 1990, an NPC national competition in New York City, where he placed 6th place weighing in at 168 lbs. In just 5 years, Palumbo would gain 70 lbs and win the overall at the 1995 NPC Junior Nationals. His best placing in the competition came at the 2003 NPC USA Championships where he finished 2nd place in the Super Heavyweight class.

Dave is no stranger to physical work and a lifetime of using and abusing his body. Dave said it best himself:

“Unfortunately for years I’ve been plagued with shoulder pain. Bad Arthritis. For years it’s been heavy shoulder pressing and bench-pressing. 315 (pounds) behind the neck, bench pressing 405 on the incline. And you know what happens? The joints wear away. It’s been getting progressively worse.”

This is exactly what happens when you feel great as a young person and you pursue activities that are hard on your body. By the time you are in your fifties you’re in pain.

Waiting for an Alternative to Surgery

Dave was living in pain, but it didn’t stop him from being in the game. Like many, he didn’t want to give up his passion of weight lifting.

Many people in Dave’s position would run to the orthopedic surgeon and sign up for replacement surgery. Not Dave. Dave asked people who went through shoulder surgery and he heard mixed results. Some people had great results and some people endured infections and side effects that put them in a worse condition.

This wasn’t attractive to Dave. He decided to wait as long as possible. He knew that the longer he could wait then the better the technology would be when he actually did decide to seek treatment options.

When he heard about Stem Cell Therapy he knew the time has come. After doing some research he realized that stem cells are a regenerative treatment that rebuilds the cartilage naturally. Stem cell therapy is not a pain reliever and it’s not surgery. It’s a completely new way of treating and managing arthritis. What was attractive to Dave about stem cell therapy is that you can rebuild the cartilage in your joints. This is a great alternative to surgery. With surgery, the surgeon needs to cut bone, insert artificial joints etc. This is not the process at all with stem cells.

During the Treatment

The entire stem cell therapy process took less than 20 minutes for Dave. The great part about stem cell therapy is that you don’t need to be asleep and there’s obviously no surgical procedure. There is just a simple injection of stem cells to the affected area(s).

Dave was awake, asking questions, there was a camera crew interviewing the doctor and the entire process is explained on camera.

If Dave weren’t interested in making this YouTube video then the time would have been cut in half. There was little to no pain and Dave Palumbo walked out of the facility.

Hopefully, Dave makes another video that explains the results he received from the procedure. However, all we’re left with now is a great explanation of the stem cell therapy process.


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