Many people deal with joint pain, lower back pain or knee pain. Thankfully science and technology are making it easier to alleviate or even eliminate that pain.

Once again stem cell therapy was featured on the news. This time Dr. William Cimikoski tells FOX 13 about stem cell joint regeneration procedures and how they work.

Dr. Cimikoski started a facility very similar to Stem Cell Professionals in Utah. His practice also uses amniotic stem cells from C-Section Births and their facility only focuses on musculoskeletal conditions. We have a lot in common with them. We’ll discuss Intermountain Health and Wellness today. We love hearing other stem cell therapist’s perspectives on this awesome new treatment.

Intermountain Health & Wellness

Dr. William Cimikoski says the beautiful thing about stem cell therapy is that more and more people are hearing about the different applications for stem cells trying to heal the body.

There are new developments being made every single day. The reality is that the longest standing application for musculoskeletal treatments is for sudden injuries or for chronic injuries. Chronic injuries would be the weekend warriors or people who have worn out their joint over time. Thankfully more and more doctors are offering these stem cell treatments.

Dr. Cimikoski says he’s been treating these injuries for 5-6 years and has had amazing results treating conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, torn rotator cuffs even bone-on-bone conditions. Dr. Cimikoski goes on to say that any of these conditions can be improved with the use of stem cells.

Where Do They Obtain Their Stem Cells?

Dr. William Cimikoski says that there are stem cells lying dormant all over your body, just waiting to be told what to do. So if you have chronic arthritis then your body is trying to send in stem cells to heal the affected area, but there aren’t enough cells to effectively heal the area.

He describes stem cells as a Joker card in a deck of cards. Stem cells will become any type of tissue in the body that needs repairing. The problem is that normally your body just isn’t sending enough of them to the affected areas.
That’s where we, as Stem Cell Therapists, come in. Just like us, Intermountain Health & Wellness gets vital stem cells from a bioengineering company that gets them from a live healthy birth.

We want to mention that no one is harmed or in danger during the extraction of stem cells.

Stem Cell Professionals Advantage

Stem Cell Professionals and Intermountain Health & Wellness are very similar to both the conditions we treat and the source of stem cells. However, there are some slight differences.

First of all, Intermountain Health & Wellness uses Platelets mixed with the stem cells. They extract blood right in their office, concentrate the platelets and mixes them with stem cells.

We don’t extract blood and we do not mix our stem cells with anything. Platelets may have healing properties. However, we believe the best chances of success for a patient is to not dilute the stem cells with anything at all.

Vital stem cells are what rebuilds and regenerate the affected area so we only inject stem cells into the affected areas.