“The pain was gone. It was literally gone in a week,”

All across our nation people are traveling great lengths to find some sort of solution to their painful joints. People are looking for a solution that not only reduces pain but allows the patient to avoid surgery. The answer that many people are looking for is stem cell therapy. One former athlete that took the plunge is Professional archer John Dudley.

John Dudley began to develop a lot of painful problems in his bicep and forearm. For John, the pain became so extreme that eventually, he could hardly hold anything that exceeded 5 pounds without being in terrible pain.

John’s condition isn’t uncommon. He overused his joints and ligaments from years of perfecting his craft. After decades of pulling and aiming, he eventually developed problems with his arms and shoulders.

Like many, John had already been through surgery and the previous operation on his shoulder took him almost a year to recover. I would imagine that as a professional athlete a year of recovery time is not an option. John is looking for a solution to his pain that’s permanent and effective. Stem Cell Therapy seems like a great alternative to surgery.

The Stem Cell Alternative

John visited a clinic in Las Vegas that uses amniotic stem cells, just like the cells we use at the Stem Cell Professionals.

Amniotic Stem Cells are stem cells that come from the amniotic sac. This is the tissue that surrounds the baby during pregnancy. This is not the same as embryonic stem cells, which come from the embryo. Harvesting stem cells from that source is illegal.

A young, healthy mother who has chosen to have a C-Section birth donates Amniotic stem cells. In other words, the mother is choosing to donate the tissue to us. Otherwise, this is something that would be thrown away.

After the cells are donated and processed we inject them into the affected area. In this particular case the bicep and the forearm.

John Dudley says that he has been in pain for years and he noticed that the stem cells were working almost immediately! In fact, he said he had almost complete pain relief in about one week.

Are These Results Typical?

Dudley may have had amazing results, but everyone’s experiences with stem cell therapy are different. At the Stem Cell Professionals, we make sure that you have the greatest chances of success and we know what many people are not good candidates.

Many people delay treatment of any type until it’s too late. For example, if John would have ignored treatment for even another year he may have worn away his ligaments and cartilage to the point where stem cell therapy will not be effective. At that point, surgery would have been unavoidable.

For many people who are experiencing arthritis, many people ignore their symptoms until they have completely worn away all of their protective cartilage. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact the stem cell professionals at the first signs of an uncomfortable musculoskeletal condition.