While the average person is checking Facebook, watching cat videos, sleeping in and eating Cheetos, athletes are working.

These professionals have almost no downtime. Their schedule could look like the following:

  • In the training room at 6am
  • Weightlifting at 7am
  • Meetings from 9-12
  • Practice from 12:30-2
  • Interviews from 2:30-3:30
  • More meeting from 3:30-7:30

Their routines are a little more intense than the average person’s 9-5 grind. However, they get reimbursed for their efforts. An average NFL player makes about 42x what an average American worker makes. However, when it comes to the Salaries of the athletes like Peyton Manning. Forget it.

Athletes know that they need to train hard. They know that not putting forth the effort or having to sit out a season could be detrimental to their career. They’ve worked extremely hard to become NFL players, NBA players and NHL players and they’re willing to work even harder to stay in the game.

These athletes don’t have time to deal with surgery, rehab and sitting out of games. They need to stay in the game and stay on top. This is where Stem Cell Therapy comes in.

If you’re already familiar with stem cell therapy, great! If you’ve never heard of stem cell therapy it’s an alternative to surgery and a way of possibly healing orthopedic injuries without surgery. Not to mention the procedure is an outpatient procedure and there’s almost no recovery time.

Peyton Manning

If you’ve never heard of Peyton Manning, then you’ve probably never watched, or even heard of, football. Contracts that are signed for $96 million don’t just land on the laps of average athletes. Let’s look at a small portion of his resume:

  • NFL career passing touchdown record: 539
  • Most passing yards, career: 71,940
  • Single-season touchdown record (2013): 55
  • Most passing yards, season (2013): 5,477
  • Most wins (including playoffs): 200
  • Most games throwing for 300+ yards: 93
  • Most passing touchdowns in a single game (tied, 2013): 7

This list goes on and on.

These accomplishments don’t happen when you spend time in the recovery room. These ALL took place on the field. This is why Peyton has been known to take advantage of Stem Cell Therapy when surgery and more traditional recovery methods just won’t cut it!

Chris Johnson

While not as wildly popular as the previously mentioned, Payton Manning, Chris Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals is another fan of Stem Cell Therapy.

Johnson recently signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals on March 23, 2016, with a $615,000 singing bonus and remaining salary that guarantees to bring the total to $1,000,000. However, based on performance he can earn another $1.5 million based on performance.

A few years ago when Johnson had a torn meniscus he knew that surgery wasn’t an option. Johnson opted for stem cell therapy. Not only was Johnson looking for a fast recovery, but also since he lost a lot of cartilage due to the injury, he chose stem cell therapy as a way to rebuild his knee for years to come.

Bartolo Colon

The current starting pitcher for the New York Mets has a pretty impressive pitching resume. In 2012 Colon even held the record for the most strikes in a row since 1988, which is 38.

With constant pitching during games and years of abuse and overuse on your shoulder, it’s no wonder why Bartolo Colon decided to try stem cell therapy.

Like Chris Johnson and Peyton Manning, surgery wasn’t an option. In 2010 a surgery to the shoulder kept him out of the entire season.

After the unsuccessful surgery, Colon opted for Stem Cell Therapy. Did it work for Colon? Just a year later Colon was back on the pitcher’s mound and breaking strikeout records!