Plantar Fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, and runners heel are just a few nicknames that surround this painful condition. One thing is for sure when you have plantar fasciitis.. you definitely feel it.

This condition is an extremely common disorder that takes place in the heel and on the bottom of the foot. In many different cases, the pain is always severe with the very first steps of the day or after a period of rest.

However, in many different situations, the pain is more common when the person bends the foot and toes up in the direction of their skin. In fact, many people have even worse cases of plantar fasciitis when they have a tight Achilles tendon.

So what is going on here?

What’s causing all of this heel pain?

There is a thick band that stretches from the palm of your foot to your heel bone. When you have plantar fasciitis you actually have micro tears on this ligament, breakdown of collagen and scarring.

Many people also believe that inflammation of this tendon is what causes a lot of the pain. However, they are beginning to believe that inflammation is playing less of a role in this condition.

The biggest problem for many people is that there are a number of reasons why the condition can be caused and it takes an EXTREMELY long time to heal.

Foot doctors believe that excessive standing, increase in exercise and obesity can cause this condition.

In my personal experience, I have experienced the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The cause of this condition for me was overuse. I have always been athletic. However, I never ran long distances. I decided to train for a 5k and on week 7 of the training I noticed a slight pain in my right heel. My 5k was to be in week 9.

I have never experienced heel pain before and by week 8 the pain was so intense that I could hardly walk, let alone train for a long distance race.
I trained anyway because when I ran the pain seemed to subside within a few minutes. After training the pain was almost not noticeable.

During the 5k the pain was so intense I could hardly participate and I was in pain for the next 6-8 weeks.

I wouldn’t recommend that level of pain on my worst enemy.

The Stem Cell Cure to Plantar Fasciitis

For many people, surgery isn’t an option. People need to be on their feet for everyday use and for their jobs. Also in many cases, the pain seems to go away within 8 weeks. This period of time would be the same amount of time for recovery anyways. However, 8 weeks is still a long time to be in constant pain.

A simple injection of stem cells is an amazing way to speed up the healing process of plantar fasciitis. We inject amniotic stem cells into the affected area and in significantly less time that healing naturally, you will begin to feel great.

We have seen many patients who have seen amazing results with an injection of Stem Cells.

If you don’t want to be in pain for 8 weeks you should consider calling the Stem Cell Professions In York, PA!