Last week, Doctor Nathan Wei, a renowned arthritis expert and former consultant to the National Institutes of Health sat down with Health Professionals Radio to discuss the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in the treatment of degenerative joint conditions. Doctor Wei advocates the use of Stem Cell Therapy to help regrow and regenerate damaged tissue, eliminating pain and providing an alternative to traditional surgical approaches to degenerative joint issues.

What is stem Cell Therapy

As Doctor Wei discusses, a stem cell is a cell can be equated to a blank slate cell, which can be turned into anything doctors may want. At Stem Cell Professionals, we use ethically acquired amniotic stem cells, injected directly into the joint. By using high resolution diagnostic ultrasound imaging, we are able to pinpoint the point of injection and find the precise area of injury. Amniotic stem cells have been found to be the most effective type of stem cell at repairing degenerative conditions in certain joints and tissues.

World Renowned Doctor Promotes Stem Cell Therapy

In his interview, Doctor Wei touted the use of stem cell therapy as an alternative method of treatment for degenerative joint conditions, especially osteoarthritis. Given Doctor Wei’s reputation as an expert in the field of arthritis research and repair, his opinion in the area of alternative therapies and treatments holds a great deal of weight. Doctor Wei recently conducted and completed a clinical trial in the use of donor stem cells to treat rheumatoid arthritis. As his study clearly shows, the use of stem cells for the treatment of multiple types of arthritis is becoming increasingly widespread. Doctor Wei believes the quickest and biggest advances in the use of stem cell therapy will come in the area of osteoarthritis, which is a common condition with readily available funding for research in the newest treatment methods.

Stem cell therapy is an incredibly attractive alternative form of treatment when compared to traditional, surgical methods of repair of conditions which cause joint pain and degeneration. At Stem Cell Professionals, our procedures are conducted on an outpatient basis and can be completed in as little as an hour. This efficient method of treatment has the patient in and out of the doctor’s office with little to no downtime from resumption of their normal physical activities. We believe this efficient and non-intrusive method of treatment of degenerative joint conditions in the knee, hip and other common areas of injury, is a result of the culmination of years of advancements in research and technology in joint and tissue repair. Additionally, we use only U.S. educated doctors, similar in background to Doctor Wei, to diagnose and develop the best, most effective route of treatment using our advanced stem cell replacement therapy options.

The medical advancements in this amazing field will only continue to grow thanks to experts such as Doctor Wei, who, through their research and professional writing, will continue to keep the field abreast in the newest and best methods for stem cell therapy.