A recent article from Physical Therapy Products Online discusses the latest research being conducted on the benefits and efficacy of Stem Cell Therapy on knee and joint pain. Hospital for Specialty Surgery, a nationally ranked hospital in orthopedic surgery, is currently conducting blind studies using either stem cell treatment, Monovisc (a hyaluronic acid treatment that lubricates the knee joint), or saline as a placebo. The benefit to the blind study is that participants won’t know which treatment they are receiving, thus enabling the researches to receive better independent and honest results on the efficacy of stem cell therapy as an alternative to surgical options when treating knee pain.

The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Explored

It seems like every day more research is being conducted and the positive results are being reported. Stem cell therapy is a viable alternative to traditional, invasive, surgical procedures to help repair damage, recover from injury and eliminate knee and joint pain. In the article orthopedic surgeon and the hospital study’s principal investigator, Doctor Sabrina Strickland, confirms that “studies have demonstrated that stem cells are safe and can improve healing and reduce symptoms in a number of different applications, such as cardiac surgery and wound healing.”

At Stem Cell Professionals, we realize that knee pain can be a debilitating limitation on your athletic activities. Knee pain can affect athletes due to repetitive stress on joints. Knee injuries from previous athletic endeavors can also cause extensive pain in your older years. We use only state of the art technology in our stem cell therapies. Stem Cell Professionals uses only amniotic stem cells, injected directly into the joint, point of injury or pain, to promote healing, regrowth of tissues and eliminate of discomfort and pain. Our injections can be accomplished as minimally invasive outpatient procedures, eliminating the risk and extensive recovery period that goes with traditional, invasive orthopedic procedures.

The Modern Approach

Researchers, hospitals and doctors agree, stem cell therapy is gaining traction as a viable and effective alternative to the older surgical approach to orthopedic injuries. In the article, Dr. Strickland notes of stem cell therapy, “If it is shown to be safe and effective, slowing down the progression of mild to moderate arthritis, we’ll be able to help a lot of patients.” At Stem Cell Professionals, we’re already ahead of the game, using the newest in procedures and state of the art technologies to apply this ground breaking and life changing therapy to patients from all walks of life.

While current and former athletes are especially at risk, adults of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from stem cell therapy. From Osteoarthritis, to mild joint and ligament pain, stem cell therapy can provide relief to all of our patients. At our facilities, you are typically in and out of the doctor’s office within an hour. Overall, stem cell therapy is a time saving, less invasive alternative and we’re happy to see the top professionals in the field learning more about the approach.