This article references a news article written by the The Australian Business Review. You can read the entire article here

Stem Cell Therapy Recognition

While stem cell therapy may be a relatively new technological advancement, its quickly gaining recognition both domestically and internationally as a viable alternative to costly and risky orthopedic surgical procedures. As a recent article from The Australian discusses in depth, Orthocell founders Paul Anderson and Ming Hao Zheng are reinventing the regenerative, non-invasive stem cell therapy field in Australia. To top things off, the company is getting closer to receiving AU regulatory approval for technologies that are aimed at speeding up tissue repair after injection.

The Science Behind the Therapy

As visited in depth in the article, this particular method of stem cell therapy for the regeneration of tendon tissue, developed by Zheng, a professor in the faculty of medicine, dentistry and health sciences at the University of Western Australia, is revolutionary. The procedure, which can be accomplished as an outpatient procedure, allows the patient to leave the doctor’s office and resume normal activities with minimal interruptions to their daily life. This procedure has shown amazing results in treatments for multiple tendon, joint and muscle injuries. It has also been widely recognized as a viable treatment for cartilage generation, such as in knee joints.

The minimally invasive procedure, developed by the Orthocell professionals, is especially tailored for those who are entering the regenerative joint process early in their lives and who have expectations of a longer lasting result from their therapy, more so than traditional joint replacement surgeries.

Stem Cell Therapy as an Increasingly Popular Alternative to Surgery

As the article suggests, innovations in the stem cell therapy field have become increasingly popular and are replacing traditional surgical procedures when it comes to alleviating joint pain of all makes and models. Surgical methods for joint repair can have up to a forty percent failure rate, and a significant number of additional risks, which is a greater number than new stem cell regeneration treatment methods.

Knee injuries in particular, can cause damaging and debilitative pain in people of all ages. From torn cartilage, to a damaged ACL or PCL, we here at Stem Cell Professionals have revolutionized the treatment of these injuries. Our procedures have been proven effective for regenerating joint tissue and restoring range of motion and normal function for numerous patients.

Additionally, our expert team of U.S. educated doctors use only amniotic stem cell treatments, which have been proven effective in treating a variety of degenerative conditions in patients of all ages. Knee pain is a common complaint in both amateur and professional athletes. As athletes age, they can become especially susceptible to injuries in addition to the normal wear and tear on joints that comes with an active athletic lifestyle. Knee pain can be especially debilitating in those who expect extended use out of their currently damaged joint.

Increasingly, alternative treatments to surgical procedures, such as Stem Cell Professionals’ alternative stem cell treatment therapies, can restore range of motion, normal use and even regrowth in tissue with a minimally invasive procedure conducted from the comfort of your personal doctor’s office. For more information on these life changing procedures, contact a member of the Stem Cell Professionals team today.