Stem cell therapy has been around for years and even before it was available in the United States pro athletes were taking the decision to leave the country in an effort to have the injections. Peyton Manning is perhaps the highest profile of all of them to have it done and boy, did he take a lot of flak for his decision, as back then (only 5 years ago) most people were critical of the process, despite Europe being onboard for years. You may recall that Manning led the Broncos to Super Bowl 50 victory in his final year in the NFL, aged 39. Before him, though, Jarvis Green had already had it done and his high praise of the procedure is sure to have had an impact on others decision to follow.

Some are still critical of the process, and not to cast aspersions but perhaps they are worried about how low cost it is versus surgeries, some of which are unnecessary, and the loss of revenue as painkillers are suddenly not required after stem cell treatment sees pain lessen as regenerates starts to heal your joint pain, arthritis or sports injury.

Athletes Seek Stem Cell Therapy

Chris Johnson of the Jets, pro skier Stephan Drake, Prince Amukamara of the Giants, Sidney Rice of the Seahawks went to Switzerland for this and won the Super Bowl before deciding to retire to prevent any more damage. It wasn’t damage to his knees that he was worried about, though, it was concussion damage that concerned him. There are said to be hundreds of NFL players turning to stem cell therapy for injury treatment, as well as Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney, both starting pitchers from the Angels.

Another athlete that you might have heard of, Rafael Nadal, had stem cell treatment in 2014 for a back injury, and a year later went back for more when he injured his knee. Another Spaniard, this one a basketball player from the Chicago Bulls, Pau Gasol, has also been for stem cell therapy.

The list grows longer as more positive results are seen, ahead of the Champions League Final Cristiano Ronaldo underwent stem cell therapy for a hamstring problem that has been plaguing him this season and in case you didn’t catch the game, Ronaldo scored the winning penalty. Even Boris Becker has even gotten in on the action despite being long retired. Tony Dorsett played in the NFL for 12 seasons and is just one of many aging athletic stars that is joining the ever growing list of converts- others include Bart Starr and Gordie Howe.

Stem Cell Therapy- Not just for Athletes

Here’s the thing, it isn’t just for these stars. It doesn’t cost 5 grand a pop anymore, you don’t have to go to Switzerland, or Germany or Mexico to your injection.

The Stem Cell Professionals use stem cells from amniotic fluid that has been donated by mothers who have C Sections and while it won’t be covered by your insurance, these days it only runs for a couple thousand dollars. It sounds a lot, but the relief that it can bring and the improvement to your quality of living makes it all worthwhile.