As the average person ages they begin to wear out their joints. Just from typical, everyday wear and tear, many people develop signs of arthritis. These people experience chronic joint pain in their later fifties to sixties from a lifetime of using their knees, hips, shoulders and other joints. Some people developed arthritis and chronic joint pain from injuries earlier in life. However, many people are experiencing chronic joint pain from just using their joints normally.

Athletes on the other hand are NOT average people. Professional athletes put their bodies on the fast track to chronic joint pain. Football players, baseball players, basketball players and many other athletes are all too familiar with injury and they do WHATEVER they can to get back to their game as quickly as possible. Many athletes, like the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning, have the best doctors in the world. These medical professionals know how to keep athletes in the game and know how to get them back in the game quicker after surgery.

Many doctors are suggesting regenerative treatments, such as Stem Cell Therapy, for professional athletes. Let’s examine three athletes you’ll probably recognize, which have recently taken advantage of stem cell therapy.

Peyton Manning Experiencing Chronic Joint Pain

Peyton Manning, one of the most marketable players in the NFL was injured in a game against the Washington Redskins. Another player ripped off his helmet and Manning experienced neck injuries.

As time went on it seemed as though he was pain free and everything was going fine. However, he injured himself again in the neck in 2010. Peyton thought he was feeling better but he didn’t have the arm strength that he had before the injury.

What did he decide to do? Manning decided to undergo stem cell therapy. The seasons following the stem cell injections led him to having some of the most successful, pain free seasons in Peyton’s career

Al Thornton and Stem Cell Therapy

Football players aren’t the only athletes who endure serious injury to their joints. Basketball players are always running, pivoting, jumping and dodging opponents. This is the perfect formula for an injury to the knee joint. It’s no wonder why Al Thornton of the Road Warriors decided to go through stem cell therapy.

Al Thornton has been suffering from chronic joint pain for quite some time in his knee. He said that at one point in time, before stem cell therapy, it was like playing basketball on one leg. During his off-season he decided to try stem cell therapy.

Since his stem cell therapy he has been back in the game. During his first game of the conference he scored 50 points against Barangay Ginebra. Thornton knows that the procedure takes a little while to fully heal his injured knee joint, but so far it appears that the stem cell therapy is a success.

Bartolo Colon: Chronic Joint Pain in his Shoulder

It’s easy to understand why baseball pitchers have shoulder problems later in life. If overuse is the main cause of chronic joint pain, then Bartolo Colon, a pitcher for the Mets, is destined to experience shoulder pain.

In 2010 Colon went through stem cell therapy to treat chronic joint pain in his shoulder and elbow. The injuries that have caused the chronic joint pain took place almost half of a decade earlier. The injuries resulted in poor performance. At one point in time people thought Colon’s pitching career was over.

After the stem cell therapy injection, which took place in 2010, Colon experienced an amazing recovery. Colon went on to throw his signature 95 mph fastball. After his extremely successful career in 2013 he signed a $20 Million deal with the Mets! For Colon, the stem cell therapy procedure was definitely worth the investment.

Stem Cell Professionals

Regenerative treatments such as stem cell therapy aren’t only for the ultra wealthy and professional athletes. Stem cell therapy is offered right here in York, Pennsylvania. We offer orthopedic treatments with amniotic stem cells, which is the most effective source of stem cells for healing joints.

If you’re interested in learning how you can get back to your game quicker, just like Bartolo Colon and Peyton Manning, call the Stem Cell Professionals today at 717-881-2343