In this blog we’ll focus on an online article we found that discusses the typical patient who’s hoping that Stem Cell therapy can help them avoid knee surgery. Like many people with arthritis in the knee, the quality of life for these people is at an all time low. Some of the patients are experiencing pain all day long. Some patients can’t walk correctly anymore and some people are experiencing knee pain because of an injury earlier in life.

These patients are skeptical to regenerative therapy for knee pain, but their current lifestyle would change dramatically if they had to go through invasive knee replacement surgery. Read on to find out if these patients can successfully avoid knee surgery with stem cell therapy.

Can Cindy Avoid Knee Surgery?

Cindy was a 60-year-old lady who was a concierge for patients. She got to a point in her life where her knees hurt at all times. She was suffering so much knee pain she had to shuffle to get around. Like many people in her condition she wasn’t able to miss out on 6 weeks of work. She most likely relied on her income to pay bills and put food on the table. She couldn’t go through a total knee replacement surgery. Cindy was also taking cortisone shots in her knees, but they weren’t working out for her at all. In fact, Cindy said after a few months the cortisone stopped working

With no other option, she opted for a stem cell treatment to stop the pain and inflammation. The type of treatment she used involved harvesting stem cells from one spot of her body and injecting them back into her knee. The idea is that since your body is a breeding ground for stem cells, you can harvest some of these stem cells from your bones and re-use them for orthopedic treatments.

One month after the stem cell treatments Cindy said, “I am amazed, I hardly have any pain.” Cindy said that one month after the stem cell treatments she went to the Daytona 500 with her brother and walked everywhere.

Cindy was able to successfully avoid knee surgery.

Can Steven Avoid Knee Surgery Too?

Steven spent his lifetime overusing and abusing his knees. Like most people with knee problems, the arthritis is usually a result of overusing your knees, which wears down the cartilage in your knees. The degeneration of your cartilage is what eventually leads to arthritis.

Steven went through a total knee replacement on his left knee inn 2009. His knee surgery wasn’t a pleasant experience for him. After Steven started experiencing knee pain on his right knee he knew that he didn’t want to go through a total knee replacement surgery again. He remembers that when he had his last knee surgery he had to take off work for 12 weeks and he also had to have a therapist come to his home multiple times a week.

His doctor noticed that he still had some cartilage in his right knee so he approached Steven about stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy was an easy choice for him because he knew he didn’t want to go through the inconvenience of knee surgery again.

After the stem cell therapy to his knee he took it easy for one month. Two months after the stem cell treatments Steven was playing kickball with his grandchildren and polka dancing with his wife on his 50th anniversary.

Steven was able to successfully avoid Knee Surgery as well.

Richard Bartlett’s Motorcycle Accident

When Richard was in his 20s he fell off his motorcycle and injured his knee. Being a stubborn, invincible 20-something, he didn’t do anything about the injury. 40 years later Richard takes a fall and all of the pain came back. The pain was so unbearable that he wasn’t able to walk without being in pain.

Richard has a trucking job that that also requires him to walk longer distances within factories to communicate with costumers. Now that the pain is back he’s barely able to make it without limping.

Since Richard is the type of person to always look for alternative options, he found out about stem cell treatments on his own. He made the decision to go through stem cell therapy. Coincidentally, the day that he took off for stem cell therapy, a co-worker took off to go through a total knee replacement surgery. He said that he returned to work within the week and he had to drive his co-workers truck while he was going through surgery and healing.

After the procedure in May of 2015 Richard no longer has pain in his knees from arthritis. He said he saw improvement within a few weeks and is able to perform his daily activities, pain free.

For Richard, stem cell therapy was a great way to avoid knee surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy: Avoid more than Knee Surgery

The situations above were only a few success stories from people who only wanted to avoid knee surgery. There are thousands of success stories out there from people who are experiencing arthritis from more than just knee pain.

We may be able to treat you with stem cell therapy if you are experiencing:

  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain

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