If you have shoulder pain you’ll know it. Living with chronic shoulder pain can be agonizing and change the way you go through your day.

If you separate your shoulder, good luck driving because you’ll be in excruciating pain as you turn the wheel. If you do have to drive I hope you don’t have to shift gears because that can cause extreme pain as well.

If you have arthritis in your right shoulder I hope you don’t mind dealing with discomfort while you brush your teeth. Even brishing your teeth are going to hurt unless you want to use your left hand, which is inconvenient. If you tear your rotator cuff in your left shoulder, I hope you like sleeping on your right side. Sleeping on your injured shoulder will hurt so bad you might not be able to sleep at night!

As you can see, pain in your shoulders can be a real inconvenience. It’s best to do what you can NOW while you aren’t experiencing joint pain. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, now’s the time to take proper measures to prevent more shoulder damage and more pain. Here’s 5 things you can do today to preventing should pain tomorrow.

1) Stay In Good Shape to Prevent Shoulder Pain

People underestimate how something as simple staying in good shape, or maintaining your good shape can influence your musculoskeletal conditions.

You’re body is connected in more ways than you may think. Strengthen your back, arms, wrist and other parts of your body, as well as your shoulders, to help prevent shoulder pain and injury in the future.

2) Stretch to Prevent Shoulder Pain

Stretching is often an overlooked treatment for joint pain, arthritis and shoulder pain prevention. Here’s a quick video that only takes one minute to educate you on basic shoulder stretches.

These stretches are not to be performed if you are already experiencing shoulder joint pain. If you are experiencing shoulder joint pain and you’ll looking for solutions please contact a professional who can help you identify the cause of your shoulder pain.

3) Avoid or Delay Osteoarthritis

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, osteoarthritis is primary cause of shoulder pain. The main cause of osteoarthritis is wear and tear. Essentially, you are experiencing pain in your shoulder because you overused your shoulder throughout your life. If you are at this point contact the Stem Cell Professionals and they’ll provide you with an alternative to surgery that may help you decrease your arthritis pain.

However, if you are not experiencing pain from arthritis the best way to prevent arthritis (according to Arthritis.org) is to maintain your weight!

It sounds like a simple solution, but the extra weight you’re carry around is adding extra stress to your joints.

The cartilage in between your joints is NOT indestructible. As you go through life the cartilage slowly wears away. Once this cartilage wears away you may experience pain and arthritis is likely to occur. Being overweight will put you on a fast track to wearing away your precious cartilage!

4) Avoid Rotator Cuff Injury

Another cause of shoulder pain is due to injury. The most common type of shoulder injury is rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that allow you to reach overhead. The rotator cuff is injured frequently because it’s overused. In many situations rotator cuff tears take place because of repetitive motions, for example at a construction job or as a baseball pitcher.

If you have a family history of shoulder injury, especially rotator cuff tears do what you can to avoid constant repetitive motions.

Do you think you are already experiencing pain from rotator cuff injury? According to the Mayo Clinic symptoms are described as:

  • Dull ache deep in the shoulder
  • Disturb sleep, particularly if you lie on the affected shoulder
  • Make it difficult to comb your hair or reach behind your back
  • Be accompanied by arm weakness

5) Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining good posture doesn’t come easy for many people. Standing and sitting up straight can feel uncomfortable and unnatural. However, the benefits of proper posture outweigh the temporary discomfort. According to lifescript.com

* Keep your shoulders back

* Push your chest out.
* Keep your knees straight.
* Stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling.
* Tuck your stomach in, without tilting your pelvis.
* Make sure the arches of your feet are supported.
* Avoid standing in the same position for a long time.

The point of good posture is to make sure you are positioning yourself in a way to support your body weight, but in a way that puts the least amount of stress on your joints, muscles and tendons. It may feel uncomfortable at first but your shoulders will thank you later.

Proper posture decreases stress to your joints and may delay arthritis, which is the primary cause of shoulder pain.

Stem Cell Professionals

You may be reading this because you already have shoulder pain or arthritis in your shoulder. In this case, it is advised to use the techniques above that may cause more discomfort or pain.

If you believe you have arthritis, the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa may have an alternative solution to surgery.

Amniotic stem cells have the ability to rebuild cartilage once they come in contact with cartilage cells. Instead of replacing the shoulder joint, stem cell therapy may be able to rebuild the cartilage in your knee, which may decrease your knee pain and keep you out of surgery. If you are experiencing shoulder pain call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa today at 717-881-2343


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