It’s not rare that stem cells are featured in the news. In fact, stem cells have been getting a ton of news coverage lately. However, the opinion that the media has on stem cell therapy has been greatly improving. Since stem cell clinics have been using amniotic stem cells, or stem cells that come from amniotic fluid, the media has no reason to focus on ethical debates or controversy. Obviously the media would focus on stem cell controversies, if there were any. However, amniotic stem cell therapy is 100% ethical, 100% debate free and it’s only been used to help thousands of people decrease joint pain.

With that being said the Washington Times focuses a recent news article on how effective stem cell therapy has been for people suffering from joint pain. The article is titles “Stem-cell therapy shows promise in orthopedic treatment.” The article does a great job talking about the positive effects of stem cell therapy. The news article even goes on to tell the readers how a stem cell clinic operates. There’s a ton of good info in this article. Let’s take a look.

Stem Cell Therapy – Outpatient Procedure

The article talks about a group of Doctors who, like many clinics, are performing the services at their office. Since stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require a large medical facility you can essentially complete the entire service in small office space. Stem cell therapy only requires an x-ray and an injection. There’s no surgery involved and there aren’t any large medical devices. Because of the lower overhead costs, the doctors in the article discuss that they can offer their patients a reduced price.

The article compares the group who does the services in the office and compares them to orthopedic facilities who are now taking advantage of stem cell therapy. Since stem cell treatments aren’t covered by insurance then cost is a huge deciding factor for the potential patients. The group of doctors who performs stem cell treatments out of their office are offering stem cell treatments for thousands less than orthopedic facilities who offer stem cell treatments because of the lower overhead cost.

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa offers the same cost benefit as the group in the article. We understand that cost may be a large deciding factor when it comes to Stem Cell Therapy. We are not a large orthopedic facility who has included stem cell therapy as another service we offer. We perform the treatments in the same office where your x-ray is taken and we offer the same cost benefits as the group in the article.

Stem Cell Therapy is for People of ALL Ages

We put a lot of emphasis on stem cell therapy to treat arthritis. In many scenarios the people who are developing, or have developed, arthritis are people in their later fifties or sixties. However, in the article the Washington Times explains that stem cell therapy is for people of all ages. Yes, younger people don’t have joint pain, or orthopedic problems, as frequently as the elderly. However, people of all ages are getting injured, people of all ages are getting surgery and people of all ages are overusing their joints and causing pain.

The article says:

“There’s a lot of younger people getting severe joint damage,” he told the San Antonio Express-News ( “Now there’s an alternative for them to surgery. In the past, such procedures were “a little bit cost prohibitive to someone other than a professional athlete,” Hall said. “Now, we’ve got the price down to where it’s actually affordable for the everyday athlete – the guy that’s out running 5 miles every morning.”

This is a reassuring statement from the Washington Times for a few reasons:

  1. Since cost is one of the largest deciding factors with stem cell therapy, it’s nice to know that growing competition has been driving the cost down. The average athlete can’t afford the same medical treatments as a professional football player. Now stem cell treatments are affordable for almost anyone.
  1. Since most of the effort has been targeting elderly people with arthritis, it’s nice to see that there are options for younger people who are suffering from joint pain as well. Younger people shouldn’t forget that there are options for their joint pain, besides surgical treatments.

Washing Times Versus Stem Cell Professionals

The Washington Times does a great job emphasizing the positive effects of Stem Cell therapy. However, the article only focuses on using a patients own stem cells for stem cell therapy. This seems like a great option for many people suffering from joint pain. However, your stem cells may not be the most effective cells are decreasing joint pain. Yes, the stem cells from your body may be effective, but donated amniotic stem cells have been show to be the most effective at decreasing joint pain and cartilage degeneration.

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa only use the most effective Stem Cells for stem cell therapy. We obtain donated stem cells from umbilical cord blood or amniotic fluid. Results are the most important factor for us. We choose to use donated amniotic stem cells because they are 100% ethical and the most effective at joint repair.

If you’re interested in a stem cell therapy clinic that offers cost effective treatments and uses the most effective stem cells to treat your joints, call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA today at 717-881-2343.


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