Another year just flew by! It’s hard to believe that we’re about to begin 2016. This is the time of year when everyone thinks about his or her New Year’s resolutions. It’s extremely uplifting to begin planning and coming up with ways that change your life for the better.As you start planning you can begin to envision how your life would be different if you changed for the better. Some people will plan on saving more money in 2016. These people will imagine having a larger bank account. Some people will want to lose some weight in 2016. They’ll envision themselves with flat stomachs. For some people, a New Year’s resolution may be to take the necessary steps to reduce chronic joint pain. These people will begin to imagine living a pain free life!

As we all know, making a change in our lives means making sacrifice. If you want to lose weight you’ll have to hit the gym, start running or diet. If you want to save more money you may have to stop eating out as much or stop spending money on leisure items. If you want to reduce joint pain you may have to lose weight, change your diet or seek medical advice. Regardless, making positive changes in your life means making sacrifices.

Joint Pain Is Controllable

If you are the person who is trying to reduce joint pain then you’ve made a critical first step. You realize that joint pain is manageable. You’ve admitted to yourself that you need to do something to reduce the joint pain.

After you realize this isn’t going to be an overnight process, take a minute to look at the cause of joint pain. For most people the main reason why they have joint pain is because they are overweight and have become genuinely unhealthy.

Lose A Few Pounds

For the majority of Americans, obesity and being overweight have caused their joints to wear away. Carrying around pounds of fat for years, perhaps decades, has put stress on their joints and now they’ve developed arthritis.

Eat Healthy

Losing weight and joint painYou don’t necessarily have to eat plain lettuce all day to get to your ideal weight. For many people, losing weight is just a matter of calories in versus calories out. For example, if you are eating 2,500 calories a day, perhaps switching from Coke to flavored water will cut you back to 1,900 calories a day. That means you’ll lose a pound of fat every week just from not drinking soda. People tend to underestimate how many calories are in food and drinks while they overestimate how many calories they burn when they workout. Did you know you would have to walk a football field to burn ONE M&M?

Over time, just being mindful of what you’re eating will allow you to shed off the pounds and you didn’t even touch a treadmill. Your joints will thank you and you’ll be on your way to feeling better!

Hit The Gym

Losing weight can help with joint painA lot of weight loss progress starts in the kitchen or grocery store. However, you may feel the need to cut back your caloric intake AND hit the gym to burn calories. The average person burns almost 200 calories per hour just walking on the treadmill. The average person also burns this many calories at an easy speed with no incline! If you walk 5 days a week and if you are continuing to shed 600 calories a day from quitting soda, you’ll lost 6 pounds a month.

If you keep this up you may lose 20 pounds over the next few months. This would help improve your joints in so many ways. Imagine carrying around a 20-pound weight on your shoulders all day, every day. Twenty pounds doesn’t seem like much, but it get’s heavy when you’re carrying the weight around. This is the stress your joints endure every day. This perspective makes it easy to understand how 20 extra pounds of fat is horrible for your joints.

Losing Weight and Still in Pain

Unfortunately, there are situations where losing the few extra pounds still doesn’t do the trick. Losing fat to take the stress off of your joints isn’t always the solution. You still have a few options. You can look into surgery or look into regenerative medicine.

Some people have been overweight majority of their lives, have led unhealthy lives and have abused their joints past the point of no return. These people may have a bone on bone, arthritis condition that only surgery will even have a chance at treating. However, if you’ve read any of our blogs before, surgery should always be a last resort. If you have lost weight and have done your best to reduce pain maybe you can avoid surgery with regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine to treat painful joints, or stem cell therapy is a process to rebuild your damaged joints.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells for chronic joint painStem cells are basically immature cells that have the ability to turn into any other cell they come in contact with. The stem cells then have the ability to begin to multiply. This gives us the opportunity to heal damaged cartilage, which is causing joint pain and arthritis.

We harvest the cells from a mother during a scheduled C-Section. Since they are amniotic stem cells they are the best cells for stem cell therapy and obtaining them is 100% ethical. Nothing is harmed in the process of obtaining the stem cells.

After the stem cells are donated, sent to an FDA approved lab and shipped to our facility, we will use them for stem cell therapy. The process is simple. If you have enough cartilage to rebuild in your joint then we will inject the stem cells into the affected area. Over time the stem cells may begin to rebuild the cartilage and you may experience joint pain relief!

If stem cell therapy sounds like a better option than surgery, call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA today at (717)-881-2343.