What do UFC fighters and elderly people have in common? Joint pain! UFC fighters, like the Nogueira Brothers, have to wake up every morning and train hard so that they can crush their opponents in the ring! However, on the flipside, UFC and MMA fighters also abuse their bodies during training so that their competitors can’t knock them out cold during a fight. What is MMA and UFC fighting? How does joint pain and stem cells have anything to do with this?

According to the UFC website, “The UFC is the premier organization in MMA and enforces the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts without exception. With more than 40 fights every year, the UFC hosts most of the top-ranked fighters in the world. Events are held not only in America, but in many countries all over the globe”

MMA fighters with joint painThis means that the best fighters train around the globe so that they can beat each other up during a UFC fight. You can punch your opponent in the face, kick them in the ribs and then knock them out cold! In fact that’s the overall objective of the sport.

Can you imagine the injuries that take place as a result of this sport? In a sport where the main objective is to either break your opponent’s limbs or knock off their head, it makes sense that injuries occur all the time.

UFC, Joint Pain and Stem Cells

The elderly are experiencing joint pain because, most likely, they have not been abusing, but overusing their joints. If your 60 years old then you have been putting mild stress onto your knees for 60 years. Degeneration of your cartilage and arthritis is normal at this age.

However, an MMA fighter that is good enough to fight in the UFC has not just been putting every day stress on his joints. These fighters are damaging and injuring their bodies more than most people on the planet. These fighters are breaking bones, ripping ligaments, tearing tendons, dislocating shoulders, tearing their rotator cuffs etc. Most people would never want to experience the pain an MMA fighter feels. However, these crazy fighters get up and get back in the ring as soon as possible. When an MMA fighter gets injured, they don’t have time for surgery. Every day an MMA fighter is recovering from surgery is just another day they can’t train to win.

Stem cell therapy is very attractive opportunity for MMA fighters. Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery; it speeds up surgical wounds and ensures proper healing. This is everything that an MMA/UFC fighter needs to continue their sport.

Nogueira Brothers Battle Joint Pain

Nogueira Brothers receive stem cell therapy for joint painThe Nogueira brothers are a well-known pair of MMA fighters from Brazil and are known worldwide for being UFC fighter champions. The Nogueira brothers are both known for fighting in the early days on China’s fighting team and now run the largest MMA training facility in San Diego!

All of their success and years of abusing their bodies doesn’t come without penalty. One brother “Pitbull” was living with constant wrist, knee and shoulder pain and reached out to a stem cell therapist for help. Pitbull recovered so quickly and felt such an enormous amount of pain relief that he recommended his brother receive stem cell therapy as well. The treatment worked so well for Pitbull’s brother that their trainer decided to undergo stem cell therapy too.

How Did Stem Cell Therapy Help the Brothers?

Their painful symptoms are very common. The brothers were experiencing joint pain from knee pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain, to name a few. When they were experiencing shoulder pain, for example, they were dealing with cartilage degeneration or some sort of ligament injury. The stem cell therapist decided to inject stem cells into the affected area of the shoulder. Since the men were older their bodies weren’t able to heal as effectively as when they were younger. The injection of vital stem cells into the affected area promoted healing to the injured area and encouraged regrowth to the worn cartilage. This allowed the brothers to eventually start feeling pain relief.

The Stem Cell Professionals Approach

The Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa has the same technology to heal you. The Nogueira Brothers extracted stem cells from their own bodies to promote healing in the affected areas. This sounds great. However, at the stem cell professionals we take a more effective approach. When you extract stem cells from your own body you are extracting stem cells that have aged and aren’t as effective at healing. Just like your knees aren’t as effective as in your younger days, neither are your stem cells.

The stem cell professionals take the most vital, effective stem cells that have been donated to us from a scheduled C-section birth. No one, or anything, is harmed during the extraction process and the stem cells are inspected at an FDA approved facility. These are the most effective types of stem cells at promoting healing and regrowth. After we determine stem cell therapy is right for you, we then inject stem cells into the affected areas the same way the Nogueria brothers were treated!

If you’re interested an a pain relief treatment fit for an MMA fighter call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA today! (717)-881-2343


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