In the United States, lower back pain is a huge problem. In fact, back pain is such a common problem that one out of every five people that you pass on the street is experiencing back pain discomfort of some degree. Have you ever been to the doctor’s office and wondered why most of the people are there? According to the Huffington Post people are most likely visiting the doctors because of skin disorders and then joint problems, which includes back pain.

If you aren’t aware of the causes of back pain, it’s relatively simple. Your back consists of small discs with cartilage in-between the discs. The cartilage acts like shock absorbers so you can go throughout your day holding up your upper body without being in pain or without damaging the vertebrae in your back. The problem is that the cartilage in between the discs isn’t indestructible. As you age you slowly wear away the cartilage and back pain begins to form.

Until recently, people had to turn to painkillers and surgery if they wanted to relieve the pain long term. However, now stem cell therapy is becoming a more attractive option for people looking for a non-surgical solution to their back pain. Here are a few reasons why you could consider stem cell therapy FIRST before looking into surgical options.

Stem Cell Therapy is Non-Invasive

People are putting off back pain because they’re afraid of surgery. You have to be put to sleep, you have to go through invasive surgery, you have to go through therapy, etc, etc, etc. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that doesn’t require surgery. We numb the affected area and inject stem cells while you’re awake! No anesthesia, no surgery, no pain.

Stem Cell Therapy is Faster than Surgery

If you choose a surgical route there will be multiple doctor visits leading up to the back surgery, you’ll be asleep for hours during the surgery. Not to mention an IV will be inserted into a vein and you’ll have to use a catheter after the surgery. Overall, surgery is just a longer process than regenerative medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy requires one consultation to see if you even qualify for stem cell therapy and then the procedure takes about 45 mins. You’ll be in and out in the same day.

Recovery Time is Quicker with Stem Cell Therapy.

After your back surgery is complete rehab is pretty lengthy. You’ll have to use an IV and catheter for up to three days. You also will have to keep your spine aligned and you will have to learn how to move properly, stand and even walk.

Stem cell therapy has a 48-hour down time where you are supposed to rest as much as possible. However, you may resume light activity. You don’t have to re-learn how to walk because you’ll walk out of the office after the procedure.

Stem Cell Therapy is Low-Risk

When you go through any surgical procedure you are at risk of side effects. The most common types of side effects following back surgery are blood clots and infection. After surgery a blood clot may travel through your blood stream and settle in your lungs causing chest pain and shortness of breath. However, if infection occurs you may experience drainage from the wound, shaking chills, elevated temperature, etc. Both of these symptoms may be rare, but they are life threatening.

Stem cell therapy has no reports of any negative side effects. You may experience pain and slight discomfort around the injection area. However, stem cells are naturally occurring in everyone’s body, which means side effects would be extremely uncommon.

Lower Back Surgery is an Unnatural Approach

Spinal surgery for back pain When it comes to back surgery due to arthritis or joint pain, spinal fusion is one of the most common treatments. When you have back pain its becuase the cartilage in between your vertebra has worn down. When you go through spinal fusion they “fuse” one or more of your vertebra together so that the movement can no longer occur and the pain should stop.

This may stop the back pain. However, the procedure is completely unnatural for your body. Stem cell therapy actually regrows the cartilage in between your vertebrae so that you can return to the pain free life you had before you wore down the cartilage in your back. This is why they call stem cell therapy “regenerative medicine”.

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Lower Back Pain?

In the future, regenerative medicine will be the more common practice to treat lower back pain. However, we still believe that extreme results require extreme procedures. This just is not true anymore.

Stem cells are donated to us from a healthy mother during a scheduled C-section. No one is harmed or injured to obtain the stem cells so the procedure is 100% ethical. Once we determine you qualify for Stem Cell Therapy we schedule your procedure. During the procedure we inject stem cells into the affected area of your back and over the course of a few weeks and months the stem cells begin to regrow the affected area. Within a few months your back may return to its healthy condition before you had joint pain and you may be able to move around pain free!

If this sounds like a better option than surgery, call the Stem Cell professionals in York, PA today at (717)-881-2343.