We put a lot of emphasis on Stem Cell Therapy’s abilities to heal joints that are worn out. Some people have abused their bodies so much throughout their lives that they can’t even get out of bed in the morning. Some people have such severe arthritis that they can’t walk up and down the steps, can’t lie in bed without being in pain and can’t even take their dog for a walk around the block. This isn’t any way you had envisioned to live your golden years. Stem cell therapy can help these people heal their joints without surgery. It’s incredible. However, healing problematic joints isn’t the only positive quality that stem cell therapy has. Stem cells are used for many different reasons.

Another reason why many people are taking advantage of stem cell therapy is to heal more quickly after surgery. Many times surgery is unavoidable. If you completely tear your ACL you will need surgery. There isn’t many ways around it. However, wouldn’t it be nice to recover quicker after surgery? The reason why many people avoid surgery is because they can’t afford to take weeks off for recovery time. Stem cell therapy is a great opportunity.

Healing Properties From Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are raw cells. They exist in each and every one of us and they have the ability to develop into many different cell types. This ability allows us to rebuild cartilage in our knees and allows us to also speed up recovery times. Let’s say you had surgery in your back because you were experiencing lower back pain. Your orthopedic surgeon suggested you have surgery because you have herniated discs. However, you don’t want to spend up to a month on recovery time. You want to get back to your life as fast as possible. A good opportunity would be an injection of stem cells into the area that needs to heal.

When you inject a dose of stem cells to the area that needs to heal the stem cells enhance healing, which the body couldn’t provide on it’s own. Not only does stem cells enhance the bodies natural healing abilities, but stem cells also ensure that you have a more successful recovery.

Stem cell therapy is necessary for recovery. First of all, as you know, when you are younger your body is much more efficient at healing itself. A 20 year old will recover from a torn ACL much more efficiently than a 90 year old. After all, most people who have to undergo surgery are older people who have arthritis and need joint replacement surgery or lower back surgery. An injection of stem cells would not only heal them as effectively as when they were younger, but may heal them more quickly.

Testimonials of Recovery

You and I don’t want to undergo surgery unless we have to. Yes, many people are fearful of surgery or they don’t want to undergo general anesthesia. However, many people don’t want to undergo surgery because they can’t take time off to recover. Many people’s careers would be at risk if they needed to take a month off. Who is one person whose career is at risk? Peyton Manning.

The most marketable NLF player injured his neck back in 2006 in a game against the Redskins. He played relatively pain free for a few years until he re-injured his neck again in 2010. He soon found himself without his well-known arm strength. Manning decided that surgery might be a good option for him in May of 2011. A few months later during that summer manning had another setback and had to undergo surgery again. However, this time he decided to take advantage of stem cell therapy to get him back to the game more quickly.

Did the stem cells work or was his full recovery an act of good surgery and proper healing? It’s hard to tell. However, he went on to have the best season in the history of NFL. His track record of recovery was looking pretty poor up until the stem cell injection, so it’s easy to assume that stem cell therapy was helpful.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is another person whose career is on the line. A wide receiver can’t afford to take a day off let alone a season off. When you’re working with professional athletes and multimillion-dollar contracts, you need to make sure the margin of error is extremely low. In September Dez broke a bone in his right foot in the fourth quarter of a Sunday night football game against the New York Giants. Almost immediately following the injury the Cowboy’s Coach, Jason Garrett confirmed the bone break and said Bryant would have to undergo surgery.

One day after his surgery Dez received an injection of stem cells and healed exceptionally well. According to the washing post:

“It will do two things,” Jones said (via DallasNews.com) of the procedure, which was performed in Colorado. “It has the potential to improve the healing time but more important gives him and everyone more confidence that when he comes back, at whatever the time is, it will be sounder and I think that was the overriding reason for doing it.”

Thinking about Surgery?

Are you in a position where surgery is inevitable? If so stem cell therapy should be on your priority list as well. Isn’t recovering as quickly and as effectively as possible on your priority list? Stem cell therapy to the affected area can promote healing and get you back to your every day life a little quicker than your body’s natural healing process. If you are avoiding surgery because of long recovery times call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa today at (717)-881-2343


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