It’s 5:30 a.m., still pitch dark and my alarm is screaming at me. I put my feet to the floor, prepare for the day and it’s off to work. Customers, clients, emails, heading home, interact with family and friends, more emails, bed and repeat. This is the typical story for most of us. We spend so much time doing our best to make progress for ourselves that we don’t stop and think about the bigger picture. We don’t look at the people’s lives we’re changing in the process of our everyday life. After all, you can’t make any progress in your own life without affecting other people’s lives.

Looking at the bigger picture, we’ll stop and focus on a person whose life was changed by stem cell therapy. Our goal may be as simple as reducing knee pain but how does that alter the life of others. How does stem cell therapy really improve others lives? Here’s an example

Rock Bottom

Stephanie loved pushing her body to the limits. She was the kind of person who loved pushing so hard that you have a mental and physical experience where you can’t focus on anything in your life except the present moment. For her this moment was often experienced through boxing, weight lifting and other physical activities.

Squatting 150lbs, throwing punches at her personal trainer during boxing practice and jumping rope are things that made her excited to get out of bed in the morning. She was in her later 30s when the unfortunate happened. During a vacation trip she had a skiing accident and everything changed for her. Her physical life came to a screeching halt. Everything she worked for, everything she loved was over. Imagine the feeling of not being able to physically follow your dream. You wish, you pray and you are mentally able to follow your dream but your body wont let you. This was her new life.

The doctors told her no more squatting, no more lifting weights and no more boxing. She was advised to go to school so she can get a sedentary job and she would have to move out of New York City. The walking would put too much stress on her body. Her doctors told her that the injury caused the cartilage in her joints to deteriorate and her joints were similar to an 80 year old.

Filling a Void

What now? What can she do that fills that void in her heart? Stephanie turned her focus toward art where she could express her frustrations and energy into something positive. Dwelling on the past wasn’t an option for her. Stephanie created elaborate, beautiful structures of artwork that turned into a career. She was making progress and gaining momentum. Her career developed into a professional opportunity and her artwork was featured in the Smithsonian. This was a monumental event for Stephanie. While displaying her art at the Smithsonian things were going great, but one issue was dragging her down.

By the end of the evening Stephine was experiencing the worst joint pain of her life. The pain was almost crippling. Her joints hurt so bad she knew there was no painkiller that could even touch that pain. She decided there has to be something she can do besides surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stephanie had tendonitis in the elbows and shoulders of both of her arms, she had nerve damage, bilateral knee pain and she had damaged cartilage in her lower back. She was a mess. The pain became so great that it was affecting her art career, her physical life was over, her marriage was suffering, she was doing her best not to gain weight and she was battling depression. She hit rock bottom and decided she had nothing to lose.

When she went to the stem cell therapist she could barely get up and down the subway steps and she decided that she would start by focusing on the most crippling pain first, her knees.

In February she was given the stem cell injection to the knees and within two months she was feeling better. By the end of March of that same year Stephanie was jumping rope and doing jumping jacks. This would have been virtually impossible in January of the same year. By the end of month two she could jump rope for about three minutes and by the end of month four she could jump rope for about 10 minutes. She’s now at the point where she can deadlift 150 lbs and she has officially gotten her life back. Stephanie’s recovery was miraculous.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Change your life?

Stephanie’s recovery was amazing but not uncommon. The reason why high profile athletes and everyday people like you, Stephanie and me are taking advantage of stem cell therapy is because it can have amazing effects on people’s lives. Surgery isn’t an option for athletes. Thankfully we have other options besides invasive surgery. Thankfully we have the technology to allow the body to heal itself naturally.

If you are suffering from joint pain, maybe you should reconsider surgery. Wouldn’t it be great to get your life back? Call the Stem Cell Professionals in York, Pa today.