Find out what the press says about knee surgery Complications with Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacements are one of the most popular surgeries of our time. However, how can we blame people for undergoing surgery? When you’re in constant pain wouldn’t you do anything to get back to your normal life and live pain free? That’s the exact problem. Before surgery people are promised a better quality of life with less pain and much better mobility. Too many people are jumping the gun and going under the knife when there are other types or regenerative medicine out there that don’t require surgery.

Let’s take a look at a few news sources and see what the press has to say about Knee Surgery Complications.

The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic tells a very sad story about a woman named Carolyn Fischer who led a relatively normal life up until her knee replacement surgery. Carolyn used to dance, play sports and exercise all until she decided to go forth with a knee replacement surgery.

In 2009 Carolyn had to get her leg amputated above the knee after complications arose from her surgery. No more dancing, no more playing tennis and no more bowling, just to name a few of her favorite activities. Carolyn decided to undergo knee surgery because she was in constant pain and received recommendations from her friends. She figured that the surgeon must be good enough for her friends, so the surgeon should be good enough for her. Except, at the time there wasn’t anything out there that allowed you to see the success rates of surgeons like there are today. She wasn’t aware that the surgeon apparently didn’t have a very good track record and she lost her leg due to complications. Carolyn did settle a lawsuit but no amount of money will give her leg back.

Legal Examiner

If you aren’t familiar the Legal Examiner is a news source that takes a look at legal issues in the press and allows them to become an opportunity of conversation. If you are in knee pain lately and you check out the Legal Examiner online I’m sure you’ve heard about the recall with knee surgery prosthetics. Apparently an orthopedic medical device manufacturer Zimmer was recently facing lawsuits after a recent knee recall.

The recall was apparently due to the fact that there was premature loosening and radiolucent lines on x-rays, which indicate that there was an obvious gap between the metal medical device and the person’s bone. Apparently the recall will affect more than 12,000 metal plates worldwide and the device was distributed to 25 different states in the Unites States and 13 different Veteran Administration hospitals.

However, the medical company doesn’t really seem too interested in the recall because on their website they recently claimed that their products are “clinically proven and the most trusted knee replacement system in the world”. I know I wouldn’t want to undergo surgery knowing that there is a company out there that is recalling metal plates that are used for knee surgery. I also wouldn’t want to undergo knee surgery knowing that the company doesn’t recognize the recall as a problem.

The Daily Mail

According to another news source, The Daily Mail, knee surgery was to blame for yet another death. Doris Knight, 85, was suffering with knee pain and eventually, like most people, started thinking about knee surgery. She never knew what was about to happen. According to the news source a hospital has been accused with covering up the death of Doris for five years after they gave her the wrong type of blood after routine knee replacement surgery.

Apparently after the surgery Doris began having breathing problems and loss of consciousness. She was then sent to a different hospital when she had suspected to have cardiac arrest. However, the doctors there were unaware of the catastrophic error the doctors at the previous hospital had made. She couldn’t be saved and she died not much later. Her family was told it was just some unavoidable error. Thankfully a whistleblower and also a former doctor at that hospital came forth and told the truth about Doris to the detectives.

Still Considering Surgery?

Overall, these types of scenarios aren’t common. In fact most of these scenarios are one-time situations. However, when most people think of knee surgery complications they think of infection. Most people would never imagine that there are times when there could be a global recall on prosthetic knees. Most people don’t want to think that a complication with knee surgery could lead to amputation. Most people don’t think that a doctor could give you the wrong blood.

There are so many opportunities for error when it comes to surgery. Don’t be the person who thinks complications can’t happen to them. There are safer alternatives to knee surgery that use cells to heal the body. Before you consider surgery you owe it to yourself to learn about regenerative medicine.