This is a picture of a person who's healthy and feeling good because of stem cell therapy. Real People With Real Joint Pain

You’ve heard about stem cell therapy by now. It’s a relatively new type of regenerative medicine. What is regenerative medicine? According to Wikipedia the definition of regenerative medicine is as follows:

“Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”

In a nutshell, we now have the ability to heal your painful joints naturally without having to undergo expensive, painful and time-consuming joint replacement surgery. However, not everyone is a qualified patient for stem cell therapy. Some people have joints that are beyond repair. This is why you need to talk to a professional ASAP instead of holding off on a consultation.

Let’s look at some patients who should contact us right away for a consultation.

Patient #1

A real, local person contacted us about a week ago through our website. The patient is 67 years old and her doctor is suggesting a knee replacement. Is this person a good candidate for a consultation?

Yes, this patient should absolutely come in for a consultation. In 2014 alone there were over 700,000 total knee replacements in the United States. The horrible truth is that around 233,000 of those surgeries were unnecessary. Every year in the United States 1/3 of the total knee replacement surgeries aren’t necessary. Why does this happen? There are a lot of reasons this can happen. Perhaps the patient is misdiagnosed, maybe the doctor made a mistake, perhaps the doctor is more interest in his own financial gain than the patient? There are a ton of reasons why patient #1 needs a second opinion.

Patient #2

Our second patient also became interested in stem cell therapy after reading a few of our blog articles. She commented on a blog saying that she was 60 and is in pain in her left knee because of osteoarthritis. This particular person has pain most of the time and is going to physical therapy.

This is a perfect candidate for stem cell therapy. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and is typically caused by wear-and-tear on the knee joint. This is a very standard condition that we often see and this patient would be perfect for stem cell therapy. This particular patient is in a situation where she doesn’t necessarily have a bone-on-bone condition in her knee. She is experiencing swelling but there may be enough cartilage and tissue left for the stem cells to regrow. Before she consults an orthopedic, she should definitely get a consultation regarding stem cell therapy. This very well may keep her out of surgery.

Patient #3

Our third patient has worn cartilage, like most people over 50. About a month ago we received this comment on our blog.

“I have had ankle tendonosis for 6 years , age – 56 , I’m limited to walking about 1 -2 miles or biking 6 miles at 11 mph or the ankle soreness increases if I exceed this , still have some minor soreness if with above limits. Noticed pain increases with more pedal force while biking , so I went from 14 mph to 11 mph to decreases pedal force from 30 to 20 lbs Would I be a candidate for stem cell and what are costs?”

This patient is a great candidate for a consultation because he is experiencing a degenerative condition which stem cell therapy treats. It’s also pretty clear that this patient most likely injured his tendons at one point since tendinitis is considered a chronic tendon injury. Once again stem cell therapy doesn’t just treat degenerative, gradual, wear and tear. Injuries as well as gradual degeneration are treated with stem cells.

Any Other Patients

If you are experiencing any sort of joint pain and you are not sure if you need surgery it is crucial that you come in for a consultation. There are many instances where surgery could have been avoided by stem cell therapy. Don’t be one of the 233,000 people who get an unnecessary total knee replacement. Speak to a Stem Cell Professionals representative and stay out of surgery.