Stem Cell Therapy MoralsStem Cell Therapy: Morality Concerns

Within the last 15 years there has been an enormous amount of controversy in the medical field. This is especially true when it comes to stem cells and stem cell therapy. You always hear on the news how the Catholic Church is against embryonic stem cell research. Perhaps you hear the National Right to Life Committee discussing embryonic stem cell research. With that being said Stem Cell Professionals never has, and never will use stem cells from embryos. After all, embryonic stem cell research is where a lot of the morality issues come from. People don’t want anyone or anything being harmed in the name of scientific research, especially when religion and national organizations have an opinion against the subject.

Lets take a look at the two biggest institutions that have stirred up mixed feelings on stem cell research and see exactly what they think about embryonic stem cell research, stem cell therapy and other forms of adult stem cell research.

Catholic Church:

Against Embryonic Stem Cells

To provide you with an example of their opinion on embryonic stem cell research: A statement of the US conference of Catholic Church.

“It now seems undeniable that once we cross the fundamental moral line that prevents us from treating any fellow human being as a mere object of research, there is no stopping point. The only moral stance that affirms the human dignity of all of us is to reject the first step down this path.”

It’s completely evident that the morality issues with the Catholic Church are derived from the use of embryonic stem cells as research. The Catholic Church, along with many other people, believe that you have to put an end to embryonic stem cell research before it begins. However, the opinions seem to shift when it comes to other types of stem cell research.

For Adult Stem Cells

According to, an online news source for Catholics:

“Wading into one of the most controversial fields of modern medicine, the Vatican is pushing adult stem cell research as ethical and scientifically more promising than embryonic stem cell research.” The article goes on to say “Harvesting embryonic stem cells requires the destruction of fertilized embryos — which are considered nascent human life in Catholic doctrine. Adult stem cells can be safely taken from adult human beings.

The Vatican started promoting adult stem cells in 2011, when its Pontifical Council for Culture launched a collaboration with U.S. bio-pharmaceutical company NeoStem.”

As you can see the Catholic Church had strong opinions when it came to embryonic stem cell research. However, even the Catholic Church sees the potential in Stem Cells and has taken steps to promote other forms of ethical stem cell research which promotes stem cell therapy.

National Right to Life Committee

Against Embryonic Stem Cells

The national right to life committee is the most powerful organization when it comes to pro-life in the United States. The committee gains its power and followers through education and legislation. They are strongly against embryonic stem cell research. The national right to life committee believes that each human being started as an embryo. According to the National Right to Life Committee believes:

“Human embryonic stem cell research is particularly controversial because starting a stem cell line requires the destruction of human embryos or therapeutic cloning” (

As clear as it may be that the most powerful pro-choice institution in the United States, and perhaps the world, is against stem cell research the committee only has strong opinions against embryonic stem cell research.

Keep in mind this is not the type of stem cells that Stem Cell Professionals use for Stem Cell Therapy.

For Adult Stem Cells

We mentioned that the most powerful pro-choice institution in the United States is clearly against embryonic stem cell research but what exactly is their opinion on other types of stem cell research? What’s their opinion on amniotic stem cell research, the type of stem cells that Stem Cell Professionals use to heal your painful knees?

According to Douglas Johnson, NRLC Legislative Director, a director for the most powerful pro-choice institution in the country:

“We applaud the work of those researchers who continue to look for ethical stem cell research alternatives that do not require destroying human life, and we call on Congress to support such ethical alternatives,”

What exactly does this mean? What is the NRLC (National Right to Life) trying to tell us? This means that not only does the committee agree with amniotic stem cell research, they want to promote it. The committee doesn’t have mixed feeling about amniotic stem cells, they completely want the support of the Congress to promote ethical alternatives! Before you tune into the evening news and jump on the nay-sayers bandwagon regarding stem cell research, take the time to learn about stem cells. Stem cells and stem cell therapy is completely ethical and is supported by the biggest pro-choice institutions in the world!


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