Amniotic Stem Cell therapyStem Cell Therapy: Amniotic Stem Cells Only

There’s a lot of controversy when it comes to Stem Cells and it’s easy to see why. The technology is so new, the medical practice of Stem Cell therapy is new, the way stem cells heals your joints is new and so on. As we stated before, like any new advancement in medicine and technology there will be the non-believer and the naysayers. To address one major concern, Stem Cell Professionals does not use stem cells that come from Embryos or fetuses in any way.

When a lot of people think about Stem Cells they automatically think about the cells that come from fetuses. Those specific stem cells are called Embryonic Stem Cells and are not utilized at all at Stem Cell Professionals. At Stem Cell Professionals we use a stem cell from a different source. All of the stem cells we administer to our patients are called amniotic stem cells. Here are a few common questions and answers about amniotic stem cells to make you feel more comfortable about the idea of stem cell therapy.

Is anyone harmed when obtaining Amniotic Stem Cells?

No. No one at all is harmed when obtaining amniotic stem cells. To be specific, while a woman is pregnant the baby floats in a sac of fluid called the amniotic sac. The sac is filled with a yellowish fluid called amniotic fluid. Incase you are wondering the purpose of the amniotic sac and it’s fluid is to:

  • Protect the baby from outside injury
  • Keep the baby’s temperature consistent
  • Provide the baby with the room to grow

Amniotic stem cells are in the fluid that is inside of the amniotic sac and when the baby is born that fluid is released (water breaking). The hospital then keeps the fluid from the donor and preserves the stem cells. An important point is that the donor provides the amniotic fluid to the hospital during the process of birth and doesn’t at all affect the baby.

How does Stem Cell Professionals obtain the Stem Cells?

Once the stem cells are provided to the hospital from the donor the hospital puts the stem cells in a safe place. A process then process begins called cryopreservation. Cryopreservation is simply when the stem cells are preserved at subzero temperatures to completely preserve the cells. Since stem cells are relatively fragile, temperatures and time are enough to damage the cells to the point where they’re useless. Cryopreservation eliminates any chances that the cells can become damaged.

Once preserved in cryopreservation the stem cells are kept safe until they are needed for Stem Cell Therapy. Let’s say, for example, you come in for a consultation and you are a great candidate for stem cell therapy. You’ll then be scheduled for the therapy. However, we wait until the day or two before your therapy and then overnight ship the stem cells to our facility. The stem cells arrive promptly on time on a bed of dry ice as to continue the cryopreservation. As you can imagine shipping is a major financial factor in the process of stem cell therapy and it has to be taken with extreme caution.

Are amniotic stem cells harmful?

No. Amniotic stem cells are not harmful when used for Stem Cell Therapy. At this point over 10,000 Stem Cell injections have been used to treat painful joint conditions such as knee pain, hip pain and arthritis and there has not been once negative side effect.

In fact, since the stem cells have been taken from a donor there is almost no chance of your body rejecting the stem cell injections. The only pain you will receive is the small amount of pain that is caused from the injection itself and not from the stem cell at all. You may experience pain as intense as stiffness, soreness and slight bruising.

So are amniotic Cells Safe?

Yes. For all parties involved in the stem cell therapy process, amniotic stem cells are safe to use. Hopefully this gave you some further insight to answer any potential concerns. No, there are not fetuses harmed from the stem cells we use. No the donor was not harmed while we obtained the stem cells. Yes the stem cells are safe while being stored and shipped and yes, the stem cells are safe for you. If you have any questions please contact the Stem Cell Professionals today.