Stem Cell Therapy: Exposing Medical Industry Scams


Stem Cell Therapy: Exposing medical industry scam

We all have a lot of respect for honest, hard working auto mechanics. We’re talking about the guys who pop the hood, take a look at your engine and diagnose a problem in 30 seconds. These are also the guys that tell us we’ll be okay for another 6 months with our current tires, instead of trying to sell us new tires on the spot. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of mechanics out there that aren’t like your local, trusted auto mechanic.

Auto mechanics could tell the average person anything. They can make up words and tell us our car wont even pass inspection. Unfortunately, this happens all of the time in the auto industry. They get you in the door with a $10 oil change coupon and you end up spending $400 on a new flim-flam-thing, a part that you didn’t even know existed. The only thing you and I can can do is trust our mechanic and take their advice. Unfortunately, the medical industry is no exception. Doctors and physicians have spent a lifetime learning about their industry and the average person just can’t learn everything overnight. The only way for the average person to know if they are in need of medical care is to trust their doctor. You would think that your health and well being is the main concern, but sometimes the doctor is only looking out for his own interests. Money. After all the medical industry isn’t a charity.

With that being said we want to identify a few examples of scams in the medical industry that we have encountered.

1) Unnecessary Knee Replacements:

Stem Cell Therapy is an amazing breakthrough in the medical industry. It’s effectiveness has been proven however, it’s not for everyone. Stem Cell Therapy can help damaged joints that aren’t passed the point of no return. However, if you have severe bone spurring, no joint motion, and no cartilage in your knee, for example, you aren’t the best candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. When we first started Stem Cell Professionals we would get a lot of calls from people saying their knees are bone-on-bone. We would always let them know that stem cell therapy probably isn’t the best treatment for their condition. We don’t want to waste the patient’s time, and we don’t want to waste our own time. One 60 year old patient said he was told his knees were bone-on-bone, and he said he wanted us to give him a second opinion because he didn’t want to go through joint replacement surgery and rehab. after the surgery. He said he couldn’t miss 6 weeks of work associated with knee replacement surgery. After a simple examination, including an X-ray, our board certified medical doctor determined that his knees were not bone on bone. In fact, this patient has the knees of a normal 40 year old and he has only minor joint degeneration. He would be a great candidate for stem cell therapy. He was mis-lead by his doctor. Perhaps people aren’t always intentionally lied to. Maybe the doctor thought it was in the patients best interest, but orthopedics are humans too. After all 34% of total knee replacements are inappropriate. However, what percentage of that 34% is caused by selfish doctors looking out for their best interests and not the patients? Get a second opinion, always!

2) Unnecessary Cancer Treatments

Just like an auto mechanic telling you that your car will break down if you don’t use $70 oil…or a doctor that tells you that you have bad knees and will need a total knee replacement, even cancer centers aren’t free of scams. If the average person were told tomorrow that they had cancer it would be life changing. I can only image that it would lead to total depression and sadness for yourself and everyone that knows you. Most likely you would immediately undergo extremely expensive cancer treatment and you’re life would begin to change. However, just like a doctor telling you about your knees, you need a second opinion. What people don’t realize is that everyone has abnormal cells in their body. You can essentially call these cancer cells. Cancer is just a large grouping of these abnormal cells in a particular part of the body.

Just like mechanical terminology, the average person has no idea about cells and cancer. They just know it’s a serious condition that needs to be treated right away. The only thing you can really do is to trust your doctor. This allows a lot of room for a scam to occur. Treatment is expensive so doctors can be tempted… and also doctors know the person is going to trust them. After all it is cancer, who would ever dare to lie about such a thing? Unfortunately some doctors do lie. Check out this doctor who received 45 years in prison for lying to patients for years. One man in particular never had cancer at all but went through chemotherapy for two years. This poor man lost his teeth and even his jaw started to change shape.

Any sort of medical treatment should be taken very seriously. If you are one of the patients who has been told you need a total knee replacement or anything similar, please give us a call. Imagine for a second you were lied to, you went through surgery, spent thousands of dollars on the treatment and gave up 6 months of your life recovering. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew a second opinion could change your life? Not to mention you could have reduced pain in your joints with only a week in recovery time? We aren’t in the business to do anything but help people. Give us a call today and maybe Stem Cell Therapy can change your life.