One of the main reasons a person has painful joints and why people are at risk of needing costly surgery for their joints is because of years of wear and tear. Like anything else in life, if proper maintenance and care are not provided the lifespan of the neglected object greatly decreases and degenerates. Athletes are no exception to this rule. In fact Athletes endure some of the worst damage to their bodies, particularly their bones and joints. This is why it’s very common for a retired athlete to have chronic knee pain due to injuries that have degenerated the joint.

Athletes taking advantage of Stem Cell Therapy is becoming increasingly common everyday. In fact one of the most famous examples of a pro athlete using stem cell therapy is Peyton Manning. Peyton was put through a number of serious hits and the constant trauma eventually led to him not being able to throw. In fact Peyton had to sit out for an entire season to try and rehabilitate his injured neck.

Attempt after attempt with traditional medicine and therapy didn’t help the quarterback so Peyton tried stem cell therapy. He had Stem Cells injected into his neck to heal his nerves and the disc. Soon after the treatment he began to feel better and his career was back on track. In no time Peyton Manning was throwing again!

Stories like this are appearing all over the United States. Football players aren’t the only people who take advantage of Stem Cell therapy. Soccer players, hockey players, baseball players and many other athletes, as well as many other people, males and females alike, are starting to see the positive results that can take place through Stem Cell Therapy.