Relatively Speaking, Stem Cell Research and particularly the use of Stem Cell Therapy is a new advancement in the Medical Industry. Like many new subjects there are naysayers who don’t understand the process who created a stigma to the term “Stem Cell”. Here’s some common myths regarding Stem Cells that have been busted!

Myth#1. Stem Cells can only come from Embryos. 

FALSE. In fact stem cells can be taken from amniotic fluid, adult tissues, bone marrow, the placenta, umbilical cords, regions of the nose and even fat from liposuctions treatment. At Stem Cell Professionals, we use only stem cells obtained from donated amniotic fluid drained prior to C-section childbirths.

Myth #2. Religions are against Stem Cell Research. 

Ture/False. There are many sectors of Stem Cell Research which include, but are not limited to, umbilical cord stem cell research, amniotic fluid stem cell research, stem cell research from adults, stem cell research from miscarriages, and embryonic stem cell research. The church only disapproves of one form of research, specifically embryonic stem cell research, and Stem Cell Professionals do NOT use embryonic stem cells.

Myth#3. Embryonic stem cell research uses aborted fetuses.

False. There is no connection between human embryonic stem cells and abortion. It’s conclusive that embryonic stem cell research is impossible once the human embryo has implanted itself in the uterus.