Stem Cell Therapy Near York Haven, PA

In York Haven, Pa the entire borough consists of only .3 square miles but consists of around 1,000 people. In case you were wondering, York Haven, is named a “Haven” because it’s a haven of transportation down the Susquehanna River.

This quaint town may seem peaceful and quiet, but there’s a large problem that is taking place. Almost 300 people in the town are suffering from joint pain each and every day. Why? Arthritis and joint pain plague people of every age, race and cultural background. It’s a worldwide epidemic and our small town of York Haven, Pa is no exception.

People have spent their entire lives abusing their bodies and putting stress on their joints. Now as people begin to age, they start to feel the aches and pains in their joints.

Some people manage the pain, some people prefer painkillers and many people are opting for surgical procedures such as knee replacement surgery. However, many people aren’t aware of regenerative treatments.

Stem cell therapy is a treatment where you can actually heal your joints naturally. The main reason why you are experiencing pain is because you have worn away the tissues in the joint. Stem cells can be introduced to the joint to help rebuild that tissue leaving you with less pain and suffering.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee pain Near York Haven, Pa

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee pain Near York Haven, PaYou’re most likely reading this because you are in the large majority of people suffering from knee pain specifically. This joint is not only prone to injury, but it’s widely overused.

Throughout your life, you’ve been putting weight on your knees from standing, walking and running. Now you’re in constant knee pain. Instead of surgery, which can lead to months of recovery, stem cells can get you back on your feet the same day as the treatment. You’ll be in and out of the office in 1 hour.

Here’re some common knee pain conditions we treat with stem cell therapy.

  • Arthritis of the Knee
  • Strain or Tear to the MCL
  • Strain or Tear to the ACL
  • Strain or Tear to the PCL
  • Strain or Tear to the LCL
  • Instability of the Knee
  • Tendinopathy of the Hamstrings
  • Damage to the Cartilage

Wrist Pain Relief in York Haven, Pa

Wrist Pain Relief in York Haven, PaWhile the wrist is not nearly as common to experience pain, it’s still important to mention here. We treat all joints, regardless of the size.

The wrist is not a weight bearing joint. However, the wrist is commonly overused, which can lead to carpal tunnel and other problems that affect the ligaments in the wrist.

Many people who undergo surgery on their wrist lose functionality in their wrist during the recovery period. Imagine not being able to drive, carry objects, grasp objects etc. Stem cells allow you to continue using your wrist after you’re treated.

Here are a few wrist conditions that we can treat with Stem Cell Therapy.

  • Arthritis of the Wrist
  • Instability of the Wrist
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Trigger Finger
  • Tear to the TFCC

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