Stem Cell Therapy | Springfield Township, Pa

Springfield Township, Pa covers an area of 26.5 square miles and only around 6,000 people call this area home.

Like much of the County, Springfield Township, Pa is full of farmland and a blue collar working demographic.

Out of these 6,000 residents, there are approximately 5,000 people who are suffering, or who will suffer, from some type of joint pain. Most of this will be brought on by a lifetime of hard work, which leads to degeneration of the joint.

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain In Springfield Township, Pa

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain In Springfield Township, PaDo you tend to believe that knee arthritis only develops in people who are very old or people who have endured an accident? If so you’d be wrong. Knee pain affects people of all ages and most knee pain takes place from gradual wear and tear, not just accidents in their early years.

Until recently, if a person wanted knee pain relief they would have to get a total knee replacement. In fact, over 500,000 knee replacements take place every year in the US. Thanks to stem cell therapy a person can inject stem cells into the affected joint and rebuild the cartilage in your knees instead of replacing the joint with an artificial one.

Here are some different knee conditions we treat with stem cell therapy.

  • Worn Cartilage in your knee
  • Arthritis in your knee
  • Knee Tendinitis
  • Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder Pain In Springfield Township, Pa

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder Pain In Springfield Township, PaI have first-hand experience when it comes to shoulder pain. I totally understand how painful shoulder pain can be. You never realize how much you depend on your shoulders until you are experiencing pain. When you have pain in your shoulder joint everything becomes more difficult. Brushing your teeth, cleaning the house and sleeping all become painful.

If you have arthritis in your shoulder the Stem Cell Professionals have a great solution that doesn’t require surgery or pain medications. Since degeneration is a common cause of shoulder pain, stem cells can be injected into your shoulder to rebuild the shoulder joint. In just a few short weeks you may be able to experience pain relief without any invasive procedures.

Here are a Few Painful Shoulder Conditions stem cell therapy can treat.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Separated Shoulder
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Cartilage Degeneration in the Shoulder Joint
  • Bursitis

The Stem Cell Professionals Advantage:

Stem cells are donated to us from amniotic fluid from healthy mothers during a C-Section birth. No one is harmed during this process. We do not use embryonic stem cells.

The amniotic cells are processed at an FDA approved lab and sent to our clinic for stem cell therapy.

Before we move forward with stem cell therapy we give you an x-ray to determine if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy. If you are you schedule a time to have the cells injected into your joint.

The entire procedure is a simple outpatient procedure that only lasts 45 minutes. No surgery or anesthesia is required and you’ll be able to resume normal activities within 3 days. Compare that to months of down time from a total knee replacement.

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