Stem Cell Therapy In Bel Air North

Our muscles and tendons are fantastic mechanisms! We are able to achieve so much by using our muscles every day. Just a simple wave to a friend or family member uses more than one type of muscle group! However, sometimes we overuse our muscles and our tendons become weak, causing us incredible pain that even a simple wave can seem too much to muster. Many people have to undergo painful surgery in order to correct this, but we have decided that it is time that stem cell therapy in Bel Air North, Maryland starts seeing some results.

Here at the Stem Cell Professionals, which is just a short drive from Bel Air North, we ensure that our clients fight a battle that they know they can win without us having to replace any of the bone structure in their wrists or any other joints. We offer our rehabilitative stem cell services to people who have undergone severe sports injuries, who have orthopedic conditions such as knee pain, arthritis or damaged joints, and so much more. We have a wide team of specialists that have been fully trained to understand the process of stem cell therapy and to comprehensively explain it to every single one of our clients.

Stem cell therapy is a very safe procedure in which we harvest stem cells from women who have just had C-section births. No one is harmed during the harvesting of these stem cells – not the mother, not the baby, and definitely not our patients. Once we have the amount of stem cells we need, we inject it into the patient in the area where he or she is experiencing pain or discomfort, in this case the wrist. As soon as the stem cells have been placed in the body, it immediately starts bonding with the joint in the wrist to replace the cells that have been damaged previously.

Wrist Pain Relief in Bel Air North Maryland with Stem Cell Therapy

There are many reasons why people would want to opt for stem cell therapy of the wrist and there are many conditions that can be cured in an instant. Some of the conditions include instability, arthritis, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and TFCC tear. All of these conditions can be picked up by everyday activities such as typing too much or even writing too fast. They are definitely not uncommon, but they also do not deserve a painful procedure in order for them to work again.

This is why stem cell therapy, especially in the Bel Air North Area has been so popular. We only use amniotic cells and avoid using the patient’s own stem cells. This allows the damaged part of the wrist to heal better due to the nutrients contained in these types of stem cells. Over time these types of injuries will exceed the body’s capacity to control the pain and it will only get worse. It is important that you make an appointment with us today so that we can treat you with stem cell therapy as soon as possible.