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Like other joints in the body, we realize that elbow pain is an extremely common problem that many people face.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cause of elbow pain. Sudden injury, overuse, athletic repetition and much more are all common reasons why someone may be experiencing elbow pain.

Overusing the Elbow

Angels choose stem cell therapy over surgeryOverusing the elbow joint is the most common cause of pain for most people. Just like the knees, hips and shoulders, overusing the joint eventually leads to degeneration or injury.

However, the elbow isn’t like other joints. Most joints in the body endure stress from your own body’s weight. Think about your knees. You wear away the cartilage in your knees because you put weight on them for hours a day.

The elbow doesn’t have to withhold your bodyweight. Most of the causes of elbow pain come from a lifetime of repetitive motion.

In the elbow joint, the ends of the bone are covered with a slick, smooth material called cartilage. This cartilage is responsible for preventing your bones from rubbing together. When rubbing does occur you can expect signs of arthritis to begin.

This cartilage is like the tires on your car. Over time you can wear out the cartilage and it doesn’t naturally grow back.

With years of using your shoulder for everyday use you have slowly worn away the cartilage and now you’re in pain.

Pain From Overusing Elbow Ligaments

Besides wearing out the cartilage in the elbow joint, many people experiencing pain from overusing the ligaments that are in the area.

Tennis Elbow

The outside, bony portion of the elbow is where some large tendons attach to the elbow from the muscles of the forearm.

These tendons aren’t indestructible and are susceptible to injury. In many situations, these tendons are injured from repetitive motion.

Tennis Elbow is just pain that is caused by inflammation of these tendons. Some common repetitive motions that cause tennis elbow include:

  • Using a manual screwdriver
  • Washing Windows
  • Playing tennis

If you have tennis elbow you’ll notice more pain towards the end of the day. You may also notice that pain increases when you continue the motions that caused tennis elbow initially. Sometimes calcium deposits during an x-ray can be helpful at identifying the condition.

Golfers Elbow

Stem Cell therapy and exerciseMedial Epicondylitis, also known as Golfers Elbow, is another common cause of elbow pain.

Golfers elbow is inflammation in the tendons where the forearm attaches to the bony prominence of the inner elbow.

This tendon is commonly strained during a golf swing, but there are many other repetitive motions that can cause injury to the tendon which includes:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Baseball
  • Throwing Objects

Stem Cell Therapy for Elbow Pain

Stem Cell Therapy may be a way for you to avoid surgery and to heal your elbow pain.

If you are experiencing elbow pain it may be because you overused or injured the surrounding tendons. Stem cell therapy offers a long-term, non-surgical procedure that will have you in and out of our facility within an hour. If you are suffering from elbow pain please call the Stem Cell Professionals for FREE information.

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