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Like other joints in the body, we realize that ankle pain is an extremely common problem that many people face.

What Causes Ankle Pain?

Your ankle is a very sturdy weight-bearing joint. However, this joint carries all the weight of the entire body and is highly vulnerable to osteoarthritis. It relies heavily on surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons for proper support. Similar to the majority of other joints, your ankle is typically effected due to:

  • Instability
  • Injury (fracture or sprain)
  • Overuse (due to age)
  • Arthritis
  • Gout

Having ankle pain is described as some of the worse types of joint pain. The pain is considered a dull pain when weight is put upon the joint. However, much pain is induced due to imminent use of the affected area.

This joint is very similar to other joints in the body such as the knees and hips. The knees, hips, and ankles spend a lot of their time enduring stress from your body weight. Thankfully we have a cushion of cartilage in those joints to protect us from our bones rubbing together.

If our bones rub together then inflammation and pain may occur along which may develop into arthritis.

While the ankle is designed to endure a lifetime of weight, some people put themselves on the fast track to arthritis. For example, if a person is overweight they are exerting extra stress than necessary on the joint. This may speed up the process of cartilage degeneration.

If you have a job where you were constantly overusing your ankles the repetitive motion may speed up the degeneration process in the joint.

Can You Prevent Ankle Pain?

It seems as though it’s very difficult to prevent ankle pain. If you are overweight and experiencing ankle pain, it may help alleviate the pain. However, in many situations, the damage is already done and cannot be reversed.

Since overuse of the ankle is a leading cause of the joint pain you can use the ankle less. However, this isn’t practical for many people who rely on the use of their ankles for everyday use and their jobs.

In most cases, Stem Cell Therapy is a great option.

Stem Cell Therapy for Ankle Pain

Treating ankle pain is frustrating because there are not many options for people suffering from this condition. You can take painkillers and attempt to manage the pain. However, the condition only gets worse as time goes on. With more time, a stronger and larger amount of painkillers will become necessary.

You can opt for surgery, which is invasive. You’ll also need time off work, downtime for recovery, rehabilitation etc. Not to mention the procedure may be painful depending on your pain tolerance.

Finally, you can opt for stem cell therapy, which is a simple outpatient procedure. A small injection of stem cells into the affected area may actually help regenerate the cartilage and tissue that is required to reduce pain in the area.

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