Stem Cell Therapy – Back Pain for Amish

As a hard working person you will likely know just how deeply back pain can impact your working life. After-all back pain for Amish is extremely common!

From rheumatoid arthritis to osteoarthritis, reactive arthritis and psoriatic arthritis your back can suffer from all of these.

What do you do about your back pain, though? You’ve been taking painkillers for a while, anti-inflammatories aren’t working and neither are the physio exercises. Your doctor has suggested cortisone shots and you’re desperate enough to go for it, but not only does your insurance (if you’ve got it) only cover so many, but they only last a few months before you’re right back where you’re started. Actually, you’re worse off, because the steroid injection is slowly wearing the tissue away.

When people in their 20’s and 30’s suffer from back pain, it’s a pinched nerve, a muscle strain or something else that’s temporary. As we grow older it’s more likely going to be arthritis that is the cause of our afflictions. It could also be down to degenerating discs as well.

Stem Cell Therapy Treats Back Pain for Amish

Luckily we now have the option of stem cell therapy to choose from as opposed to continuing down the path of medications and steroidal injections.

The facts are straight: you will suffer impairment from persistent back pain. So what can you do to avoid severe pain, loss of mobility and worse still- the inability to do your job.

As your impairment grows worse your doctor pushes you towards the path of surgery. Perhaps surgery could repair your problem, but surgery is invasive: and actually results in loss of working time as well as upwards of six months of rehabilitation. After all of that your problem might still persist! Meanwhile, you could have chosen stem cell therapy to treat your back pain.

Forget spending tens of thousands of dollars and instead consider an option that costs just a couple of thousand dollars. An option that involves a concentrated dose of stem cells being injected into a problem area to regenerate worn discs.

We only use stem cells from amniotic fluid that was donated by mothers who had C-Sections, so there is no need for you to undergo an invasive procedure to harvest your own stem cells. Most clinics use a needle to draw stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow before then re-injecting them into that problem area. You won’t need to sit through that process, we can get right to the good bit and you will see an improvement very soon after your therapy. There won’t be any need for rehab and you can come to a clinic that is just around the corner. Stem Cell Professionals are the best in the business and just waiting to give you a consultation so you can find out whether stem cell therapy is right for you.