Stem Cell Therapy in Lititz Pennsylvania

Lititz Pennsylvania is considered by some to be the coolest small town in America! With a population around 10,000 Lititz is located right in the heart of Lancaster County and encompasses about 2.3 square miles of land. In 2013 Lititz actually was the winner of budget travels “America’s Coolest Small Town” competition, which makes Lititz are truly great place to live and work. The only downside to this awesome town, like any other town across the globe, is the percentage of people in this town suffering from joint pain.

In Lititz Pennsylvania there are around 1,000 people who are suffering from some sort of pain from arthritis. Until this point the people of Lititz had to choice but to seek an orthopedic surgeon for their painful arthritis. Thankfully more and more people are becoming educated on stem cell therapy or other forms of regenerative medicine.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain in Lititz Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain in Lititz PennsylvaniaYou may have injured your knee when you were younger and now it’s come back to haunt you. Perhaps you became overweight over the years and you noticed your knees are giving you problems. Maybe you were completely healthy, but you have painful knees. More often than not people experience knee pain in their life from overuse, overstress or injury. How can you make your knees fell better without going through surgery?

The stem cell professionals use effective, amniotic stem cells, which are donated to us from a mother during a C-section birth. After we determine that you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy we inject the stem cells into the problematic joint. Being overweight, overuse and injury has worn away the cartilage in your knee joint. This degeneration is causing you pain. When the stem cells come in contact with the cartilage cells they begin to regrow the cartilage. Over time you may experience amazing degeneration, which leads to knee pain relief.

Here’s a few conditions we treat with stem cell therapy, which cause knee pain

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis a
  • Torn ACL
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Knee degeneration
  • Knee pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain in Lititz Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain in Lititz PennsylvaniaNeck pain is one of the most common types of arthritis pain. In Lititz, majority of the people who are experiencing pain from arthritis will most likely experience neck pain. Why? The neck consists of a few, extremely small vertebrae. In between the vertebra is cartilage. You spend your whole life holding up your head, looking down to text and having overall poor posture. All of these factors contribute to overuse, stress and cartilage degeneration. The cartilage degeneration is what’s causing the nagging neck pain.

I would imagine that neck surgery is extremely risky, extremely problematic and extremely invasive. After all, it’s your NECK we’re talking about! Stem cell therapy is a completely non-invasive, outpatient procedure, which may have you in and out of our office in an hour. Over time the stem cells may begin to rebuild the cartilage in your neck, resulting in less arthritis neck pain.

Here’s a few conditions we treat with stem cell therapy, which cause neck pain

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis in the Neck
  • Cartilage degeneration
  • Neck pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain in Lititz Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain in Lititz PennsylvaniaOne of the largest weight bearing joints, the hip is where the thigh and pelvis come together to form a ball-and-socket type of joint. Even though the hip is surrounded by huge muscles groups and big bones, the hip is still exposed to stress, wear and tear and overuse, just like any other joint. In fact, the constant overuse makes the hip one of the most frequent joint to experience arthritis.

Usually surgery is the go-to procedure for people seeking pain relief. Until regenerative treatments, including stem cell therapy, people thought their options were pain killers or surgery or both. Now we can inject amniotic stem cells into the worn hip joint and the cells will begin to rebuild the cartilage over time. As the cartilage in your joints begins to rebuild you may experience permanent, natural pain relief.

A few conditions we treat with stem cell therapy, which can cause hip pain Include:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis in the Hip
  • Hip Inflammation
  • Damaged Hip Joint
  • Arthritis in the Hip
  • Cartilage Degeneration

Stem Cell Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Lititz Pennsylvania

Stem Cell Therapy for Lower Back Pain in Lititz PennsylvaniaThey say almost 50% of doctor visits are due to lower back pain. We can’t determine if these visits are mainly due to orthopedic conditions. However, we can assume that many people with lower back pain have some form of arthritis. Your lower back has the responsibility of holding up about 50% of your bodies weight. If you’re overweight or unhealthy you can only imaging how much damage you’re doing to the small vertebra and cartilage. If you experience to much cartilage degeneration, you’ll develop arthritis. Once you develop arthritis you can choose surgery or regenerative treatments.

Surgery on your lower back is invasive, risky and will require a lot of recover time. Don’t let yourself get to a point where we can’t rebuild the cartilage with amniotic stem cells. We identify with x-rays which pieces of cartilage are causing pain. After an injection of stem cells into the affected area the cartilage may begin to regrow. A regrowth of natural cartilage may relieve your lower back pain symptoms.

Here’s a few lower back pain symptoms we treat with stem cell therapy.

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cartilage degeneration
  • Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Lumbar Disc Herniation
  • Lower back Pain