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Dr. Kevin Owens

Dr. Kevin Owens is the president and founder of Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA.  Dr. Owens is board certified in Integrative Medicine, and he has successfully treated in excess of seven thousand patients over his twenty years as a chiropractor. He personally viewed how the joints degenerate over time, and he knew surgery isn’t always the best option. After years of competitive sports, he struggled with knee Osteo-arthritis. Dr. Owens was in search of non surgical treatment options for his arthritis. After years of research, Dr. Owens teamed up with Dr. Susan Arnoult, a Pennsylvania board certified physician, to offer affordable stem cell treatments to help those with similar conditions as himself wanting to avoid surgery.

Dr. Susan Arnoult, M.D.

Susan Arnoult M.D. is the Board Certified Medical Doctor at Stem Cell Professionals in York, PA.