Cortisone injections, over the counter painkillers, and prescriptions have been go-to for people suffering from knee pain. However, Dr. Frank thinks there’s a better way.

This blog post highlights a news article by the Herald News. The news article features a director at Ostir Physical Medicine in Joliet, Illinois. Ostir explains that there is a procedure out there that can help a patient that is suffering from arthritic knees or even other joint pains such as partially torn rotator cuffs.

The article mentions that the procedure uses amniotic (not embryonic) stem cells to begin the healing process in your joint that is 3 times faster the standard care you would typically receive.

According to Dr. Ostir, “There are 30 times more stem cells per volume in amniotic stem cells, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, plus human growth factors.  They are derived from caesarean section deliveries.  They speed up the body’s own healing abilities, with no risk of tissue rejection,”

According to Dr. Ostir’s findings, the amniotic stem cells double every 36 hours and regenerate numerous types of bones and tissue including, bone; muscle; connective heart and lung tissues.

Ostir Adds that “Some patients have been told they’re not candidates for surgery, or need to wait a few years for their joint replacement.  They explore regenerative medicine and see results within the first two months following treatment.  About 80 percent of healing occurs then, due to the rate of stem cells replicating.”

The article explains just how many people that have taken advantage of stem cell therapy. In fact, over 10,000 procedures have taken place inside of the US. After all, there are no substances that are toxic. In fact, there are no side effects to this treatment at all.

Dr. Ostir mentions that his patient’s results are amazing. “In fact, our patients say the results are fantastic.  In time, it’s our hope that this truly amazing therapy will eliminate the need for drugs or surgery.”

Stem Cell Therapy in York

You don’t have to travel all the way to Illinois for these treatments, either. We mentioned this specific article because it’s the exact type of stem cell therapy that we perform in York, Pa.

We also obtain amniotic (not embryonic) stem cells from a healthy mother during a scheduled C-Section. The mother chooses to donate her amniotic fluid and the stem cells in the fluid are extracted and processed at an FDA approved lab.

A patient will come see us because they are suffering from debilitating joint pain such as knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain etc. After we determine that stem cells will help them then we introduce the cells into the affected joint.

In less that one-hour you are out of our facility. You leave the same way you came in, on your feet! Yes, you can resume your normal lifestyle as your joint heals naturally. No Painkillers, no more creams, and no more surgery.



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