In the word of stem cells, there is a lot of debate. Are stem cells ethical? Do stem cells live up to the hype? Are there religious reasons not to use stem cells?

If you ask athletes like Peyton Manning they’ll tell you that stem cells are a miracle. This blog post features another miracle featuring a young man named Kris Boesen. Right before Kris turned 21 he lost control of his car. The vehicle fishtailed on a slippery road and he smashed into a telephone pole. Unfortunately, Kris was paralyzed from the neck down.

The featuring article explains that immediately after the accident Kris’s parents were contacted to see if Kris wanted to be a participant in a stem cell clinical trial. The trial was to treat spinal cord injuries and Kris’s parents didn’t have much time. In fact, if he was going to go through with this he needed to start within 30 days.

Kris Says, ““All I’ve wanted from the beginning was a fighting chance. But if there’s a chance for me to walk again, then heck yeah! I want to do anything possible to do that.”

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which means that they are cells that have the ability to transform into other cells.

For example, at the Stem Cell Professionals, we use stem cells to regrow people’s cartilage in their joints. Over time people wear out the cartilage in their joints and arthritis begins to develop. We introduce stem cells into the affected joint and over time the stem cells begin to regrow the cartilage and tissues in the joint. This results in decrease arthritis pain.

Doctors have been using stem cells for years and they’re just beginning to discover the true potential that stem cells have for regenerative treatments and even treating diseases.

Kris’s Treatment

Kris had a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that go down the middle of your back. Any damage to the spinal cord means a disruption of signals to your brain. When Kris wrecked his car he injured the spinal cord and now he’s paralyzed.

Doctors introduce 10 million stem cells into the affected area and new nerve sheaths began to grow. This means that the transmission of signals began to repair and signals are beginning to transmit successfully.

What all of this means is that 90 days after the stem cell injection he was able to use his arms and hands for even delicate motor tasks such as using a cell phone and feeding himself.

This treatment that many consider being controversial and ineffective has literally given this man a second chance. While he hasn’t recovered 100%, he’s still able to use a laptop, talk to his friends, eat, and brush his teeth and much more. Perhaps people need to reconsider their opinions of stem cell research before they label the treatment as ineffective and harmful. This man now has a second chance at life.


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