We always focus on the fact that stem cells are a great way to stay in the game if you’re an athlete. We feature NFL players, like Peyton Manning.Players of this prestige can’t afford to take a season off because of an injury. Players like Peyton need to stay in the game and perform at maximum capacity.

However, what about younger athletes who suffer injuries? There isn’t a lot of content out there that focuses on injuries to high school athletes. It’s not as common for high school athletes to get hurt and we make it seem like it’s not as significant as a professional athlete. However, an injury in high school can be the end of a successful athletic career.

Amelia’s Injury

Amelia has been playing soccer since she was six years old. When you’re a young soccer player you are very busy. You’ll have practice 4 days a week and you’ll be traveling on the weekends to go to games. Not to mention that a traveling soccer team can keep you busy for nine months out of the year.

Playing soccer this much and putting this much stress on your knees and joints is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, in 2012 Amelia had to get reconstructive surgery on her right knee and she also had to get reconstructive surgery again on her left knee in 2014. This seems to be the life of an athlete.

According to the doctors, Amelia had bilateral ACL injuries at a very young age. On the right side, it took her a long time to recover. In fact, at six months she was at 85% strength. Her doctor thought she could do better.

When it came time to do her left knee the doctor introduced stem cells to the joint during recovery. At month three on her left knee, she was at 100% strength. This means that she recovered more fully AND twice as fast! AMAZING.

The decision to move forward with stem cell therapy was very simple. Amelia’s parents went online and quickly found hundreds of positive testimonials and benefits of stem cells therapy. Her parents were very happy that Dr. Garlick, Amelia’s orthopedic Doctor, suggested stem cell therapy for Amelia.

After Stem Cell Therapy

After surgery, you’ll have to recover for weeks and even months. Not with stem cell therapy. She was able to get back to using her knee at full strength in 4 days! Her strength and mobility have improved and this has caused her to remain optimistic about being an athlete and a soccer player.

Being only a teenager and suffering from debilitating injuries in both knees would be very intimidating. After being hurt the second time most people would think that playing soccer or pursuing athletics isn’t the best decision.

Stem cell therapy has given Amelia her confidence back to continue with soccer at full speed.

Dr. Garlick says that a partial cartilage or meniscus tear has a high probability of failure when a patient chooses surgery. Not to mention the recovery could be 6-12 months. If a patient can opt for an injection of stem cells and get back to the game in six weeks versus six months it would be highly beneficial.