This blog article focuses on the video clip (above) that talks about the amazing abilities of stem cells. You’ve probably heard us talk about stem cell therapy. Maybe you’ve seen us on the news and heard that we’re helping people walk again. These are people who were once suffering from arthritis. The truth is that stem cells are the real hero. Let’s dive into their background and what these awesome cells can do.


Over the course of human history, medicine has come quite a long way. Centuries ago we thought the body were made of different liquids. We referred to these liquids as humors. During the time of this belief, if you were unfortunate enough to get sick, doctors at that time would put you through a process called blood-letting. Put simply, this is the surgical removal of someone’s blood for therapeutic purposes.

Since then medicine has come a long way. We can now prescribe antibiotics, perform brain surgery and even replace organs with donated organs.

We believe that the next big transformation in medicine is Stem Cell Research!

Stem Cell Research

There is a lot of talk about stem cells and a lot of debate about what they really do. If we talk a close look we’ll see that most cells are specialized. This means that there are specific cells to perform specific tasks. There are red blood cells in our blood, neurons in our brain and cells that make up our muscles and bones.

The cells in our lungs will remain lung cells forever. Red blood cells will remain red blood cells forever. These cells will never change, but stem cells can change.

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can change into other, specialized, cells in a process called differentiation. During the process of differentiation, the stem cells can either remain stem cells or turn into the specialized cells.

Benefits of Stem Cells

There are two main types of stem cells. There are the adult and embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells can be used to repair the tissues in which they are found. For example, adult stem cells can be injected into a person’s knee joint to help regrow cartilage, which may be able to reverse the signs of arthritis.

Another example is that stem cells which are found beneath the skin can be used to create skin graphs for burn victims.

The ability to be able to use stem cells to regrow parts of the body may also help us eliminate our reliance on organ donation and dramatically reduce the wait time that a person has for an organ. How many times have you heard about a person passing away while they were on the waiting list for a liver?

Stem Cell Professionals

At the Stem Cell Professionals, we only use stem cells to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and ACL tears. However, we also use stem cells to help speed up the healing process after a surgical procedure.

If you are suffering from knee pain or any type of joint pain then stem cell therapy may be the best alternative to surgery. Call us today to schedule a consultation.


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